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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Romance Slam Jam African-American Romance Reader survey

I'm passing along this information as favor, please respond and pass it along.

"Readers of African-American romance don't read romantic suspense, paranormal romances or romance with science fiction elements. Readers of African American romance don't read many books. Readers of African American romance don't buy books.

Do you disagree with any or all of these statements? If so, please help us spread the truth.

The Romance Slam Jam organization is distributing its first-ever Readers of African American Romance Survey. Too often, the publishing industry provides only anecdotes or theories regarding who we are; where we are; what we want; and whether we have the numbers to support a wide variety of literary genres. It's time we spoke for ourselves.

The link below will launch our survey. Please take a few moments to complete it to the best of your ability. Then, once you've submitted your responses, please tell a friend - or two - to stop by and help us get the word out about the readers of African American romance. The survey ends July 31, 2010. Once the survey results are tabulated, we will post the results to the Romance Slam Jam Web site and distribute a press release summarizing the survey to key contacts in the publishing industry and the media.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in spreading the word about readers of African American romance.

Here's the link to the online survey:
Please feel free to spread the survey.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Our Hair

I like many other African American women have a love/hate relationship with my hair surprisingly or maybe not it's more love than hate. I have some thick hair that's black, which most people don't have. But I know amongst black women it's almost war sometimes with their hair and regarding their hair. Should it be natural or relaxed? Should it be a weave or my hair? I think we also sometimes make too much of an poltical issue of our hair instead of doing whatever we like and is easiest for us. My hair is my own and whatever I do with is not a political statement for me and if it is the statement is 'I'm independent' which is my political leanings anyway. My hair is relaxed and short but I like easy hair so this is easy for me and it looks good. I take good care of my hair and I believe that 'good hair is healthy hair' so I keep it healthy. Hey, if I decide one day to cut it all off that's my business or if I decide to buy some hair, attach it and having it hanging to my butt that's my business too. My love/hate relationship with my hair is my own, we're going to be together for a long time so only we have to get along.