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Monday, May 17, 2010

Letting the Crap Go: The Orgasm Edition

I've decided to do a bunch of threads on what I like to call 'letting the crap go' as AA women and women of color most us have been completely programmed by our parents, the community, and the church that not ony is sex bad, it's just sometimes evil. Now, I am a Christian but I know sex was created by God and surprisingly if you read the bible especially Song of Solomon or Song of Songs, it's been created not only for pro-creation but for your pleasure. For some reason black women have two sexual reputations, either we're the freakiest of freaks or totally frigid. Surprisingly most of the black women I know are sexually conservative, myself not included, because their mama said 'good girls don't do this' and 'fast girls do that'. At last, black women are taking back our sexuality and I'm so happy I got mine back. I have overcome some of my own 'sex demons' from childhood. I'm grown and sexy. Now my mom was really open about sex but there were parts I had to be comfortable enough with myself to go for.

That's how we get to the infamous 'O' boy if I have heard it once I've heard it a million times, poor women who have never experienced an orgasm and I just shake my head. I feel bad for the, because there is just nothing like the good ol' 'O' it is not just good, it's freaking awesome. But I don't think a lot of women know that the big 'O' is accomplished via them. Men can help and should help out alot but they can't do it all and the best part is you don't even need a man to get one. I'm so glad I figured it out and just did it. One of the best things I ever discovered is the vibrator, specifically the clit stimulator, what an incredible piece of plastic, best thing since sliced bread.

Ahhh the big 'O', if you find something you think is better you're just not doing it right.

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