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Thursday, October 7, 2010

O.M.G. Real Housewives of Atlanta is Back

Someone say 'hallelujah'! Because one of my favorite Housewives franchises is back on Bravo!, Atlanta. Now I love me some 'New York' particularly because of the ongoing drama between Bethany and that psycho Kelly. But Atlanta is in a class by itself, this week it premiered and yes this season is going to be good. Let's be honest no one would even watch that show if it weren't for Nene, she could do a show by herself. She is larger than life, literally and figuratively LOL. And of course, this season she came dragging the drama. The big issue her moment, her husband borrowing money from Dwight, now she and Dwight aren't speaking. Wonder how long that is going to last? Also she and Ms. Tardy for the Party, Kim herself, are now the best of friends after she choked her. Man, these chicks are about as deep as a mud puddle. I don't know what keeps me coming back, I guess I like looking a train wrecks, it's gross and disgusting but I can't pull my eyes away from it. Am I contributing to downfall of American civilization? Oh well, if so, I'll go out laughing my ass off.
The other housewife that looks like there may be much interest in is Phaedra, the powerhouse Atlanta attorney, whose married to a man that just spent six years in prison for racketeering. She said he's just like Martha Stewart, I say hell to the naw he's not. Martha Stewart is a white woman with some power even in prison, he's just some anonymous black dude, that probably got indicted for racketeering charges because of drugs. Yea, I know what racketeering means, I ain't stupid. I do find it insanely stupid for a successful black woman to attach herself to a man that's not even her equal in any form or fashion. Are we that damn desperate to be down with the brothers, geez whiz.
So, we'll see what happens. On the previews it looks like Nene and Kim will once again be taking it to the Thunderdome, I cannot wait. Oh, I'm so bad.

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