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Saturday, August 7, 2010

WTF is wrong with people

You know I don't usually vent on this blog but today I have to. What the hell is wrong with people on the internet? As much as I like being on here and commenting on things, this is not my life. I have a real life, where I have real friends, a real job, a real family and real responsibilities. This is just a spot to hang out for a minute and mess around. I don't take anything that I do on the internet with social sites seriously. It may effect me for a moment but mostly I just move on. But I wonder what is wrong with people who get all jacked-up because some stranger said something they didn't like, really, really though. Are you so insecure in yourself that every non-descript person that comes across you has some power in your life? Personally to that, I say, get a life. I am so sick of coddling grown people and it's getting old. This is just one very small part of my life, so no one's opinion on this world wide web matters to me. Yea, I'm sarcastic which may seem mean to some but if you can't stand the heat with me get out of the kitchen because really I have something to say about things I know about. I don't say anything about things I have idea about, it just makes you look dumb. So if you're so damn sensitive that everything people say to you, you're gasping, swooning and clutching your pearls maybe internet social sites aren't for you. I don't particularly want everyone to like me and don't care if they do. I don't strive to please everyone because that never works. The truth is if you spend your life trying to make everyone like you, you have no principles and I have principles.

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