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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Cannot Defend or Condone Foolishness

I don't blog here regularly, not as much as I'd like but sometimes I have things to say that I'd like the world to possibly see and this is one of those times. A person whose blog I regularly read and comment on started a movement yesterday, No Wedding, No Womb. I think it's great and I should have participated but being the lazy person I am and having a kind of busy life I didn't. I wouldn't call myself jumping on the bandwagon but I wanted to comment on some Twitter tweets she's been getting regaring this movement. You can read the articles on they are compelling and timely. They come from many different sides of the issue but they all want the same thing for out of wedlock rate of pregnancy in the black community to cease, it's at a 70% rate currently which is shameful.

You know as a woman of principle I cannot stand behind and defend or condone foolishness. And the tweets to the person who's started this movement, Christelyn Karazin, have been more than ridiculous, they should be down right criminal. How anyone could defend birthing a child into this world without two parents in stable and loving household (and I don't care if they are hetero and homo-sexual) is just shameful. Children deserve a chance and a good one and having a two parent home with loving parents is a good way to do it. Anyone thinking of laying down with someone else needs to think about that and take precautions if need be. But I also want to say that defending single-parent homes as if it's some kind of viable choice is tantamount to telling people to play Russian roulette with your child's future and you're own life because it's suicide. I know sometimes people make mistakes and those should be forgiven but after one child OOW you shouldn't be having two because at that point it's not a mistake, it's a life choice.

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