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Monday, March 1, 2010

Now, what happens?

Now, that I am in a relationship and no longer dating, what now? I am in love with a wonderful man and if you want to know who I choose to date it was guy who was 3 years younger than me instead of the 23 year old. We have things in common and he's a sweet, generous, intelligent, fun man. 360 degree difference between him and my ex-husband. I'm a little surprised that we found each other, I was shocked that men like him still existed. Now isn't that a sad state of affairs, but he is wonderful. But it's not like he's perfect but then again neither am I. As the Grace Jones song says 'I'm Not Perfect, but I'm Perfect for You'. We are getting to know each other and taking the time to do so. Now we have birthdays one day apart, which was just strange but we are very similar to each other. I used to think 'opposites attract' but believe me that's a lie, 'opposites fight and make each other miserable'. LOL.
Now, what I'm doing is living in the moment. Which I must say I have not always been at ease doing. I'm usually in planning mode with my life but I have come to discover in my old age, when I plan, God laughs. So I live each day anew. Now, for all of the ladies still out there. I can still impart some of my hard fought wisdom, LOL. No not really, I know just about as much as any woman knows who's been on this earth for awhile and dated a couple of dudes. Although some of my stories are hilarious. Now, I can tell them but the names have been changed to protect the guilty, the innocent got what they needed, innocence.

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