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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh my goodness

I had a date tonight, I've been dating here lately and it's been going pretty well. I can't say I've found the love of my life or that I'm actually looking for him. I can say I wanted to date because I didn't date when I was dating my husband and I certainly should have. (Note: Even if you like him ladies, date other guys until he asks you to actually take to the next level, don't just assume.) So tonight I had a date with a guy we'll call him P (I'm making him anonymous to protect the innocent and the guilty LOL.) but he was nice and it was nice date. But I'm having one weird issue and it's bothering me and not him, he's 23 years old. Now I've never dated a younger man especially one that's 14 years younger. Yikes! But the weirder part was it was really good date, much better than some of the dramatized older guys I dated. He was nice, a gentlemen, held an excellent conversation, asked me questions about myself and listened, he was funny and sarcastic just like I like them. He had the face of a 12 year old but seemed so much more mature than the whiny 40 year old, who can't get over their last girlfriend or ex-wife. I'm wondering am I becoming a cougar?


  1. nothing wrong with being a cougar. Sometimes younger men can be very funny and sweet.

    Talk with you soon,
    Tara ;-)

  2. be a cougar and love it! rock his world, girl *winks*