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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave

I have a friend, we're not really that close but I like her and she's a good person. But she's been making some questionable choices regarding her marriage lately. She is actually on her way up here to visit my best friend and I and stay with her. She's a lovely person but has some self-confidence issues that rear their ugly head in ways that lead her to destructive decisions. Now, I've made some questionable choices, ooohhhh have I made some questionable choices. None of which I will be revealing to any of you on here. You have to take that one to the backroom and yes like a lot of women while I'm in that web I'm thinking it's going to work out. Until one day it hits me in the head and says "No fool, this ain't gonna work." My best friend has been advising her but my advice to my best friend is to leave it alone, unfortunately you cannot tell grown people what to do they'll do what they want anyway. Her decisions have absolutely no way of turning out good on either end and I'm a tad shocked she doesn't see it. Because I'm sure anyone else would know, at some point, what is done in the dark shall come to the light as my grandmother used to always say. But she's keeping hope alive and still heading down the path of atomic sized destruction. I can only be a good friend by letting her make her own decisions and being there for her when it does end in inevitable diaster and not saying "I told you so." I hate what I know is about to happen to her but sometimes mistakes are the best way to learn a good lesson.

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