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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Metrosexuals, Need Not Apply

Like most people I had my preferences when it came to men. I have certain shallow things that I find attractive in  men, them being tall, pretty eyes, nice smile, tats (although Matt doesn't have one) but you get what I'm saying. There are some things on the outer part of a man that can draw me in, they may not keep me if he's a jerk but they certainly can draw me. But one of them is not the man that is a metrosexual, uh-unh, no way Jose, can't do it. Matt as you may have noticed in pics of him is very casual, all the time. He loves cargo pants/shorts, t-shirts, his tennis shoes, and simple hair cut. That's him and I like that about him, he's a simple guy. I know today many men are into the metrosexual thing, the fancy jeans, long-sleeved printed shirts, faux hawks and gelled spiky hair, the fancy dress shoes and many women like that questionable look from men. I am not one of them. Any man that spends more time in the mirror, at the hairdresser, or on his face and nails than I do was not my type of man. Really men should be able to shower, shave, comb his hair and throw some clothes on in about 30 minutes and that's giving him a lot of time. I can't stand some of the stuff I see guys in, younger guys I get they're young and don't know know better. But I've seen men in their 40's with them fruity jeans on that have design stitching on the pocket. Good gravy! Really...the only jeans a man should wear are Levi's and maybe Old Navy but no designs on the pocket. Levi's is the only jean manufacturer that didn't follow that tacky trend and that's why I love Levi's. No dress shirts with buttons open and designs all over them and for God's sake, no Ed Hardy! I'd beat my man senseless if he ever appeared to me in Ed Hardy. I'm a simple kind of woman myself, my tastes in clothing is pretty simple. Guys to me look more like guys when they keep it simple. Even in a suit, which is not something Matt wears frequently, I like that he's keeping it simple. A basic grey suit for our wedding with a blue shirt and blue tie and black shoes. No suit in colors not seen in nature, no Now n' Later gators, just simple and classic. That's the look I like from men simple and classic. He's got a basic short haircut, that I can run my hands through and not ruin and not get goop all over my fingers. I love that about his hair, it's wash and go, simple and classic. I think all the dolling up should be women's exclusive property, where men should fear to tread.

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