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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Small Weddings and My Fear of Bridezilla

Matt and I have changed our minds on what type of wedding to have a million times, I must say we both are sometimes indecisive people. It sometimes riles my nerves that people have so many opinions regarding our wedding but aren't really willing to help in any significant way and most definitely are not giving any funds to it. The funds part is fine, there is still a recession going on and folks are watching their pennies.  My family is not independently wealthy nor is Matt's family so we're doing this the way a lot of couples do their weddings nowadays, we're doing it ourselves. Now doing it ourselves really means neither us have a lot of time to do planning, Matt is busy working, I'm busy working and really I'm just not the party/wedding planning kind of gal. I know many women have dreamed of their wedding day but I'm not that woman. I knew I wanted to get married, I just wasn't all hyped up about a wedding. As a practical person all I see with big weddings is dollar signs and bills. I've known people take out $25, 000 loans for a wedding. Are you freaking kidding? It's tough enough to start a marriage but starting with $25K in debt is just stupid. So we've made a final decision with 96 days to go, it's actually the decision we should have made in the first place and the one I suggested. As much as I'd like to have a wedding with a ton of people invited, we can't reasonably afford it and since no one is offering any monetary help we do what we need to do. The wedding is just a small part to me, the marriage is way more important and we refuse to go into any kind of debt for a wedding. So we're doing small family ceremony, no attendants, we did have those for a minute but that's out now and then just dinner at a restaurant we like, where everyone can pay for their own meal. My best friend is giving us a pre-celebration party in August but that's about it. I'm more excited about being married to Matt than I'll ever be about some damn wedding. But I have a dress, he's buying a nice suit and we're gonna look good up there saying our vows. So the only thing I have to buy is his ring, my shoes, something for my hair, and maybe jewelry but I'm thinking I have some beautiful jewelry hiding in my jewelry box just have to dig around and find it. Then after that we are off to Oregon for our honeymoon at Edgefield McMenimin's resort.

I'm glad we're doing this, it relieves the stress of planning something out. I hate planning. I watched 'Bridezillas' over the weekend and I'm just saying  you guys, that show frightens me a little. I don't want to be that wound up my last week before the wedding, I do not want to be that girl. I think it's the need for perfection and family stress that makes these folks so goddamned bitchy. The best part, since all I'm worried about is marrying the man I love and all he's worried about his marrying me we can skip the wedding drama-land. The most wonderful thing about Matt and I is in most things we are of like-mind. It makes working these things out with him so very easy.

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