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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot and Sweet!-Jason Bateman

OMG! Oh Jason Bateman, my fantasy first boyfriend and husband. I've loved him long time, really I have. Since middle school when I first was burgeoning into my womanhood and figured out that boys were more than an annoyance, they were cute. Yes when he was Derrick on 'Silver Spoons' next to also cute Rick Schroeder. Oh, how I loved the annoying jerk that was Derrick. Then when he grew up and was on 'Valerie's Family' and I saw that just like me he had grown up and come into his full hotness. Oh bejesus, he is so cute to me. He is the quintessential 'boy next door', the hottie that don't bask in their hotness, the humble, sweet, funny guy that was cute when you were young and now so smokin' hot he's leaving burn marks wherever he goes. The perfectly mussed brunette hair, just itching for your fingers to run through it, those gorgeous eyes that are mesmerizing, he's a bit of undercover Svengali. But the best part is, I don't think he realizes how incredibly handsome he is or if he does it makes no difference to him. I know he's a family man with a wife and kids and lucky bastards that they are. But I've always love Jason and he's so funny, I'm so glad his star is shining again he certainly deserves it. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him in Horrible Bosses, looks like my kind of dark and crazy sense of humor in a movie.

Jason if you ever see this, I'd just like to let you know that I really have always loved you. You really are the ideal white boy and out of all my movie star crushes maybe the closest for me to thinking we could trip across each other at the coffee shop, fall deeply in love, get married, and have babies. Yes, it's a little twisted but really he brings out the domesticated woman in me. My fantasy husband, Jason Bateman. How does Eugenia Bateman sound?

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