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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plagiarist Have Found a Home

I wanted to put a link up to an article by a wonderful blogger and great author Tracy Ames. Tracy is giving some information especially for you out there who may write on free story sites like Literotica like myself. It seems people have decided to steal stories from the site and present them as their own and publish them using the Kindle. Amazon smarmy ass is trying to protect themselves in this obvious thievery, low lives but people are passing someone else's writings off as their own. I think it sucks and I think we all need to be careful of what we buy via our Kindles, I love having the app it's great but I don't want to give my money to thieves. Here is the article for more information Plagiarism is the New Black, please give Amazon a piece of your minds. I'm so damn sick on corporations, they're getting on my last ass nerve.

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