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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-The Responsible Ones

Responsibility is so sexy, especially responsible men. I don't know what it is but when I see a sexy man pushing a stroller, carrying their baby, taking care of their wives, honoring her, eww whee it's so sexy to me. The stink of responsibility on a man is just enough to lay me out. You know I certainly don't condone women trying to step in the middle of a man's relationship but I could see why they'd be tempted. It's the responsible ones, the ones that are committed to home and hearth that are just extra uber sexy. I'll give you my top five, sexy responsible men today.

Ben Affleck, today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Ben but I know he feels like the luckiest man in the world because he has a beautiful wife and family he simply adores. Oh it's sweet and sexy.

Yea Brad Pitt, I know him and Angelina aren't married but in Hollyweird you can roll like that but the fact that the man took on a woman with  three adopted children that he adopted as his own. They've had three children together and he is as committed as ever to her and them kids. I am astonished by him. No, I don't think he cheated on Jennifer, I think he wanted a family and she wanted her figure. So he went for his own happiness and got it. Lucky Angelina and lucky kids!

Oh man, I love Kurt Russell so much this man has been with Goldie Hawn, good lord umpteen years and they look so happy and content. He helped raise her children and they have a beautiful family. What can I say, the man is a hot grandpa. What's up? I said it. 

Hugh, oh Hugh, oh Hugh, oh Hugh. His hotness and responsibility are enough to make you cream your pants. His wife is the luckiest woman on earth by far. This man is so fine it makes no sense, he's devoted to her you can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. He's a hands-on Dad, he's adopted children, he sings, he dances and plays Wolverine. Yes, he's a renaissance man. He really is male perfection. Really...he is.

Ah Big Willie, Will Smith. I've always loved Will Smith and he and Jada Pinkett-Smith (who I love too) are just a super couple. He was married previously and had a son, which they both are so proud of. He came up to Seattle to watch his oldest son play in a football game a few years back. No one knew he was here then it was on the radio. People didn't really wound him for autographs at the game, I hear because they knew he was there for his son. They are both committed parents to those kids and committed to each other. The love, fun, camaraderie, gentleness, and peace you see between them is something to behold. 

Okay, so I picked six. But I can't say enough about Tom Hanks. He really is the boy next door, the ultimate lover/Dad. Like you could see him being really passionate during the night with this wife and waking up to make the kids pancakes in the morning. Oh I love him, I love him, I adore Tom Hanks.