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Monday, August 1, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Viggo Mortensen

I had been having a hard time lately trying to figure who my 'Lawd Have Mercy' hawtness was going to be. But it came to in an incredible flash of genius, his name has been bandied about the blogs lately and I thought why the hell not. Let's give some love to the hawtness that is Viggo Mortensen. First and foremost, his name is hot. Can you imagine screaming that out during wild bouts of sex with him, yea I'll take that. He just exudes sex and I have yet to see him look non-hot in a movie no matter what he's playing, Aragon in LOTR, Tom Stall in History of Violence, don't lie that was the best sex scene ever and he was so bad ass in that I was love after that movie, Nikolai in Eastern Promises which I haven't seen but I hear he does the full frontal and it's not disappointing, and Lalin in Carlito's Way if you missed him in that he had a small part but memorable. He is g-o-r-geous! Ladies, I cannot lie although the young tenders are nice to look at, I like my men a little more seasoned, a little more lived in, old enough to be sophisticated but young enough to still be a little rough around the edges. Viggo fits that bill perfectly. Here he is, my man and yours, Viggo Mortensen.

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