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Friday, July 29, 2011

Well, What About Strippers?

As you know, some things to me are worth battling around the earth about, others, not so much. One I don't and wouldn't waste my time on is strippers for Matt's bachelor party. I watch Bridezillas regularly, it's kind of like staring at car accident you really want to look away from the mayhem but for some reason you can't. One of the things on there that brides regularly do that irks the hell out me, is be all insecure and weird when their fiance has a bachelor party and there is a possibility of strippers. What is with all the heart attack drama when a guy's friends/family mention that they'll be having a stripper or going to the strip club for his bachelor's party. I wrote a blog many moons ago about Matt and my visit to a strip club in Las Vegas during our birthday trip. It was a sight to behold but never while I was there was I intimidated or felt weird about the strippers. Why? Well, here's why I'm very secure in my relationship with Matt, the most secure I've ever felt with anyone. He makes me feel like the only woman in the world even in a club full of strippers. I also think that if you're so freaked about your man going to strip club because you think he's gonna stray maybe you shouldn't be marrying that man.

My bachelorette party is in a few weeks, me and the girls are going to see the Chippendale's dances at the Tulalip Casino Resort and Hotel, casino run by the Tulalip Tribe (as an aside I ain't even mad at Native Americans for taking my money on the slots and black jack table, they are owed. Really if black people had any sense, we'd get a casino but of course we have no sense). The following week he and the guys will be heading to a Mariner's baseball game and going to a strip club. When he told me, I was like 'have a good time'. I don't get it, I am less than freaked about him going to a strip club. Especially since I'll be ogling sweaty, hot men cut up like julienne'd potatoes the week before. I can't be no hypocrite. One of the women on Bridezillas went so far as to try to pretend she was one of her fiance's friends to find out if he was having a bachelor party at the strip club, it didn't work. Although she had a nasty, greasy stank stripper at her party, puhleeze! One the women went so far as to come to the bachelor party with her fiance, the levels of insecurity and neediness in that act are astounding.

I don't know, I'm just glad I'm not 'THAT GIRL' and that I'm woman enough to let my man have some fun before he walks down the aisle. I don't want him at the strip club all the time, not particularly because of the naked women but I just don't want no other woman getting my (i.e. his money) money. Listen, I'm practical. Have fun, baby!


  1. I agree. If a bride to be is dead set against having strippers while the man is dead set in wanting the strippers (meaning no compromise) or vice-versa, then they may need to consider parting ways. I really don't understand the women who want strippers for their party, but don't want their FHs to have any? I'm all about being equal, so that certainly wouldn't fly with me if my FH would pull some crazy stuff like that.

    Bottom-line: You should find someone
    of like mind or be prepared to compromise.

  2. Afromorena, exactly. Now if we'd decided as a couple no strippers then fine. But really even if I wasn't hitting the Chippendale's show, I wouldn't care about him going to see strippers. In some of those cases from Bridezillas the guy had strippers anyway and just didn't tell her. I'd be much more worried about lying by omission than him saying he went to see a stripper. Not a way I'd want to start my marriage.

  3. Male strippers ain't my thing there's something very disgusting about them IMO, but I guess I can appreciate the skill some women have. The girls and I just went out drinking and having fun and talking sex(Which Swedish girls are very good at talking dirty).

    Hubby had his party on a boat his friends hired and ofc they had strippers. Latino girls if I'm not mistaken from the photos. But I'm secure enough and I know he's not the stripper kind of girl. TBH he rather spend his money on a new video game than on a lap dance lol

  4. We're going to the male strippers purely for the cheesiness factor. LOL. They'll be on stage, I once had some guy lap dance me and I was not liking that stranger all up in my personal space. And he was sweaty too, ugh. But this is just a chance for all us girls to get together and do some wild stuff before the wedding. This is also a casino so I figure I'll be hitting a couple of the tables hoping to win money before we see the show. I might need dollar bills.

    When Matt and I went to strip club in Vegas it was women, it was so eye-opening. In Washington you can't drink alcohol in strip clubs so really they suck here and aren't worth even going to. Portland, OR has the most strip clubs 2nd to Vegas. Oregon is a quiet state but it's a wild one. Vegas strip clubs are funny, those girls are trying to make their money and that did not look like an easy job. We also happened to run into an old friend of his and gave his free drinks all night, the good stuff. Not bad, we had fun. I don't see Matt spending money on strippers either but it's a right of passage, so he can go for it.