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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! Almost...

I'm writing an early post about my upcoming birthday because on my birthday I'll be moving to North King County a little outside of Seattle. So I just wanted to get this one in. On Friday, April 29th I will turn 39 years old. I think of my birthday as a special time, as a child our birthdays were our special day in the house. You got to do what you wanted, my mom made dinner specially for you and you got the kind of birthday cake you liked, it was YOUR special day. I still feel that way about my birthday, birthday is big for me. I'm not particularly concerned about Christmas, Valentine's or even anniversaries but my birthday is it. I'm not sure what Matt is going to get me but I've been giving him ideas. The irony here is that my birthday is the 29th and Matt's is the 30th so we celebrate in conjunction with one another. This year we decided to celebrate our birthdays on his birthday, his is on Saturday and we'll be moved by then. Usually on my birthday or around it I like to do a little self-reflection on what's been going on, where I've been and where I'm planning on going in the future. But this year I'm foregoing reflection to just enjoy the present moment which is so incredibly and spectacularly wonderful. I never figured my life could be as magical as it is right now and I don't want to waste time worrying about a past that I've closed the door on and the future which I have no idea about and not be cognizant of the gift of the present. I am so thankful for this life God has blessed me with, a wonderful man in my life who is soon to be my husband, a  great job I love and adore, family and friends better than you could wish for, turning 39 years old and not looking it, and all the joy, peace, and happiness that a girl could ever handle. I'm not saying this to brag because I been through the ringer in the past and really it's just by God's grace that I have what I have today. I'm saying it to acknowledge all the good in my life and to also let anyone who's going through anything know that it won't always be that way, you can overcome and best of all you can triumph. This year the best present I get is my triumph over some things that tried to kill my spirit. I'm here and better than ever, so I'm going to enjoy my present this is the greatest gift I've ever recieved. Happy Birthday, Eugenia! And Happy Birthday to my sweetheart, Matt I love you, babe!


  1. Happy birthday Eugenia!

    Ha den äran!

    Halala ngosuku lokuzalwa!

    Gelukkige Verjaarsdag!

    There you go, in all the languages I speak :)

    How lovely that you can both celibate your birthdays together!

  2. Happy pre-birthday, E! Send me some purdy pichas of where you're moving. I love the Pacific Northwest--it's kissed by God. Need to find a good excuse to come up there and visit. Working the angles as we speak. ;-)

  3. Hope you both have a great birthday!! Pretty pic.

  4. Happy Birthday (a little bit in advance) Flaming Eugenia ! God bless you and your mate.

  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. My experience moving was harrowing to say the least and I'll be blogging about it soon. But not before I write some letters. Yea somebody is in trouble.