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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seattle Mix Up Number 283, It Rains Too Much There

Seattle is a wet city but there are tons of other cities that get way more rain than we do, Houston, St. Louis and New York get about the more same or more rain on average as Seattle. I hope that clears some things up. In television shows and movies Seattle is always shown as this gray and depressing city in the new series on AMC The Killing the commercials show a city so gray and depressing I almost flung myself from a window. Then I realized, hell I live in this city and it's not that gray and depressing. The rain in Seattle can be steady especially during the winter and spring months but it doesn't rain heavy. When it rain heavy that's big news and if it starts to thunder and lighting that's a top story and on the front page of the newspaper. It can get gray but that doesn't stop anyone from doing anything, most days when it rains it's more like someone spitting on you than actual heavy rain. Believe me no one stays at home because it rains, everything keeps moving if we stayed at home or stopped doing things because of rain, nothing would ever get done. After awhile you get used to it, I barely carry an umbrella and very rarely do I take it out and open it. The rain is so light, it's easier to just to walk through it. But the best part is that when the weather is nice, it's damn nice and people would contend with the gray skies of winter and early spring to get a touch of our summer. Don't believe everything you see on television, hundreds of thousands people live here and we love it. The rain can be a bit much especially when it's day after day but it makes for some beautiful surroundings, lush forests and beautiful flowers. I know Seattle has this reputation and really I think most Seattleites just let it stick because we so don't want anyone else to move up here and ruin our little piece of hidden paradise. But believe me we are not all wet up here. This is Seattle, the Emerald City.


  1. Your home looks wonderful! I hope i get a chance to visit your city sometime in the future. But you know, the kids. Maybe a road trip across the US when they get older. I think that would be a fun family vacation.

  2. It is beautiful Nkosazana, well when the twins get older you can always just come here to visit. This is certainly a kid-friendly town. Surprisingly it's a huge tourist too also. I'm surprised your hubby doesn't have relatives that live here, there is a large population of folks of Scandanavian descent or transfers from Scandanavian countries that live here.

  3. Ah that cool!

    I don't know maybe he does, I think a lot of Swedes got relatives in America going far enough back. I'll ask him when he comes home if he knows of any.

    Heck if we ever take that road trip then we could visit them as well.