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Monday, April 25, 2011

Me + Chuck Taylors = Life Long Love Affair

I do love me pair of Chuck Taylor Converse, affectionately known to its fans as 'Chucks'. I'm not particularly a tennis shoe kind of gal, I usually only wear them to exercise in never as a fashion statement they are more utilitarian with me. But I do love me some Chucks and I own a few pair, six pair to be exact and I'm planning on buying some more. At the end of this blog are pictures of some of my collection, it's missing my lime green and white pair. I love them because they are so cute, colorful, and versatile. They are spectacular with any casual outfit, jeans, shorts, capris, dresses, and skirts you name it you can throw on a pair of the infinite array of colors of Chucks and make it happen. They are comfortable and I never have to wear them with socks, which is super cute to me. Now I know many people like the high tops but I'm a fan and prefer the low top ones, they are cuter with all the outfits I described. I know Chucks are ol' skool, I mean since I've been alive that's almost 40 years now I've know of Chuck Taylors and they precede that time. In this world of Nike, Adidas, and every other running shoe, Chucks make the statement that you don't have to bulky or chunky to be a bad ass pair of kicks. Love you, Chucks!

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