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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Robert Downey Jr.

This post is dedicated to Robert Downey Jr.'s best fan and future baby mama, Vonnie at Socialitedreams. This one is for you, I wasn't really thinking about this one, in fact I was thinking of doing Will Smith but maybe next week Will. But Vonnie happened to mention him on a Tweet and yes I got an idea, a good idea. That this week I should say yes lawd, Robert Downey Jr. is hot and my favorite comeback kid. Listen, I'm an old school fan of his, I saw this man in 'Less than Zero' back in the eighties. Okay, he's had his issues especially then and it's nice when someone overcomes them and regains hotness that we thought was long gone because of some bad decisions. I continually see Robert on women's hot man list lately, he's like the dressed up bad boy. His role in Iron Man just pretty much sealed the deal for me when it came to his hawtness, he had me in that shiny metal suit. He's a little bit worldly and sophisticated and a little raunchy and dirty at the same time, it's a tempting combo. I mean really when you see him on the red carpet, he's repeatedly voted one of the best dressed men. I swear I keep waiting for a Ferrari to come up and for him to drive fast down the roads of Monte Carlo can't you just feel the wind in your hair, yea girl! I love that he doesn't take himself too seriously and actually makes fun of his days of crack and roses. He's funny and irreverent and has to dry sense of humor and the rapier wit I admire so much in my men. He's not typically sexy in that Hollywood hunky way, he's the smarter woman's sexy, sexy with an edge. I mean the man's role in 'Tropic Thunder' made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. What can I say, I love him. Although he is officially Vonnie's hunk o' burning love I'm borrowing him today and sharing him a bit with everyone. I couldn't keep him anyway, he's a little short for me but I still love him. The sexy and extremely talented, Robert Downey Jr.


  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! i swear, i could have written this post, you summed up EXACTLY why i love him :D And tropic thunder had me with a crush so bad that i then went out and bought as many of his movies as I could find. OMG, he was so freaking hilarious in there. His body in iron man...mmmmmm....his vulnerable craziness in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.....his intelligence in Sherlock Holmes.....his swagger/confidence.....yes lawd, please come swoop me up in that ferrari!!! *swoooon*

  2. I'm an 80's baby so I loved him in this movie called Chances Are. You should check it out. Iron Man really helped too. Love him with facial hair.

  3. Ladies, I'm glad you are enjoying this one.
    @Socialitedreams I thought his summed of his hotness pretty well myself. He's got something extra and even as he ages it'll only get better.

    @Cheri I'm an 80s baby too, I've only seen part of 'Chances Are' but I loved him, he's a wonderful actor. That movie he did with Jamie Fox recently was brillant, very good. But one of my favorite 80s for him was School Days with Rodney Dangerfeld, you can tell I have some electic tastes LOL.

    And yea he pulls off the scruffy nicely without looking homeless most men can't do that.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh that man make a fine looking black man.

  5. Nkosazana, that man would make a good looking anything, he's just so damn handsome. He's got a good tough guy look like Josh Brolin, who I love too. But he was dang funny as Lincoln Osiris on 'Tropic Thunder' I was dying laughing when I saw him.

  6. i just love him and totally fall in love with him. i thought he kinda look like george clooney ( you know georgeous, sexy, bad boy, and funny), but at some reason maybe downey better than him. and his voice is the most sexy than anyone.