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Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're Moving!

Matt and I are moving, now it's not like we're moving to another city. Well, really we are just not out of state. We're moving out of Seattle to a suburb called Mountlake Terrace in Snohomish County and out of King County. I'm really excited about this, so is he. It will mean a little more of a commute for me to my job but it will be less of commute for him and he works full time and I only work part time so it's not really a sacrifice for me and one I would have been glad to make anyway. He's the vital cog of this operation if you know what I mean but the best part is he's fine with that role. I am a lucky and blessed girl, have I told you all that. He wanted more room and we needed it. Seattle is a great town to live but the housing cost is a little ridiculous and the apartments are a tad small. So if you want a little more for your money you gotta move out of the town. Now to tell the truth it's not that far, my commute to my job may go from 15 minutes to 35 minutes not a big deal. As long as it's not hours I'm okay I only get traffic on the way in and I'm not as adverse to traffic as he is. But we get a bigger two bedroom apartment in a nice spot, close to the freeway but not on any main roads and I get a walk-in closet. Somebody say hallelujah! Because I sure am. So we're excited I think it's going to be a nice change. We have a lot of things going on in our lives, lots of great changes and things we are looking forward to. And did I tell you I bought a wedding dress, yea it's been an eventful week for me.


  1. Congrats to you and him. You can get your interior design on with more space.Have fun!

  2. Thank you both so much. I am looking forward to more room, if you could see this place now it's packed. He's 6'4" and 260 lbs so trying to move around this tight spot can be precarious LOL. But he did it for almost 2 years and never complained. It's just time now. I religiously watch HGTV so I've got lots of ideas on decorating but I'm bringing in my bff to help, she does her own decorating and it always turns out fantastic and she knows my taste and vision so I gave her the colors (chocolate brown, apple green with shades of blue) and she's going to make it happen. I'm so excited.