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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, They Hot!-Fast Five

This will be my last post this month because tomorrow everything will be packed up for moving. I've decided to give everyone something they might enjoy. The cast of Fast Five, I've seen of most of the Fast and Furious franchise, I know it may be strange but I'm a girl that loves the big-time shoot 'em up with lots of stuff blowing up for no reason. Yea for action movies and yea for ones that contain a super hot cast of man candy. So this edition should have something for everyone to ogle but for real, nothing like hot men two-fisting some guns. I'm so excited about seeing it, it comes out tomorrow for those of you in the United States. Enjoy ladies and get some fresh batteries.

Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson, good lord what can I say about him that hasn't already been said he is in the Hall of Fame of Fineness.

Fernando Chien, hmm new Asian cutie, yes!

Paul Walker, come on don't you really want to have his OOW baby LOL!

Sang Kang, he's a hottie, love the Asian loves. 

Tyrese Gibson, he's a chocolate drop and yea he's fine, I don't discriminate. 

Vin Diesel, classic hotness. 

Matt Schulze, he is fine to me, I don't know about you but I like the tough guy look. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Me + Chuck Taylors = Life Long Love Affair

I do love me pair of Chuck Taylor Converse, affectionately known to its fans as 'Chucks'. I'm not particularly a tennis shoe kind of gal, I usually only wear them to exercise in never as a fashion statement they are more utilitarian with me. But I do love me some Chucks and I own a few pair, six pair to be exact and I'm planning on buying some more. At the end of this blog are pictures of some of my collection, it's missing my lime green and white pair. I love them because they are so cute, colorful, and versatile. They are spectacular with any casual outfit, jeans, shorts, capris, dresses, and skirts you name it you can throw on a pair of the infinite array of colors of Chucks and make it happen. They are comfortable and I never have to wear them with socks, which is super cute to me. Now I know many people like the high tops but I'm a fan and prefer the low top ones, they are cuter with all the outfits I described. I know Chucks are ol' skool, I mean since I've been alive that's almost 40 years now I've know of Chuck Taylors and they precede that time. In this world of Nike, Adidas, and every other running shoe, Chucks make the statement that you don't have to bulky or chunky to be a bad ass pair of kicks. Love you, Chucks!

Happy Birthday to Me! Almost...

I'm writing an early post about my upcoming birthday because on my birthday I'll be moving to North King County a little outside of Seattle. So I just wanted to get this one in. On Friday, April 29th I will turn 39 years old. I think of my birthday as a special time, as a child our birthdays were our special day in the house. You got to do what you wanted, my mom made dinner specially for you and you got the kind of birthday cake you liked, it was YOUR special day. I still feel that way about my birthday, birthday is big for me. I'm not particularly concerned about Christmas, Valentine's or even anniversaries but my birthday is it. I'm not sure what Matt is going to get me but I've been giving him ideas. The irony here is that my birthday is the 29th and Matt's is the 30th so we celebrate in conjunction with one another. This year we decided to celebrate our birthdays on his birthday, his is on Saturday and we'll be moved by then. Usually on my birthday or around it I like to do a little self-reflection on what's been going on, where I've been and where I'm planning on going in the future. But this year I'm foregoing reflection to just enjoy the present moment which is so incredibly and spectacularly wonderful. I never figured my life could be as magical as it is right now and I don't want to waste time worrying about a past that I've closed the door on and the future which I have no idea about and not be cognizant of the gift of the present. I am so thankful for this life God has blessed me with, a wonderful man in my life who is soon to be my husband, a  great job I love and adore, family and friends better than you could wish for, turning 39 years old and not looking it, and all the joy, peace, and happiness that a girl could ever handle. I'm not saying this to brag because I been through the ringer in the past and really it's just by God's grace that I have what I have today. I'm saying it to acknowledge all the good in my life and to also let anyone who's going through anything know that it won't always be that way, you can overcome and best of all you can triumph. This year the best present I get is my triumph over some things that tried to kill my spirit. I'm here and better than ever, so I'm going to enjoy my present this is the greatest gift I've ever recieved. Happy Birthday, Eugenia! And Happy Birthday to my sweetheart, Matt I love you, babe!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Brandon Routh

You know I'm not a fan of brunettes with brown eyes, I mean everybody in the world has dark hair and eyes it seems so common. But in this case, this hot thang has turned something so common into something simply special. I really do think Brandon Routh is just uber hot, he's a young, smoltering sex appeal, and top of it he's tall like 6'2" which is a rare thing among actors. I've really never seen him in a movie I missed Superman and he's coming out with a movie next week on my birthday Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Now personally I've seen the commercials for it but I wouldn't waste my money on it and will probably wait for it the show up on the Netflix streaming. But he's still damn fine, I do have a thing for the boy next door look especially the kind that look like once you close the door he turns into sexual Tarzan and yea Brandon looks like our boy. He may look too polished for some of you cause he used to be a model but I can picture that hair all mussed up, mmm hmm.  All I'm saying is just look at him and tell me your imagination hasn't gone to forbidden places, yea I'm on my way Brandon wait for me.

I threw this picture in of him and Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson cause that's an overload of fineness. You're welcome. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Don't Have to Live With Your Mistake Forever

I certainly love being a woman, it's a spectacular adventure. We have some personality qualities that are certainly needed in this harsh world. Our caring, sensitive nature is to be admired but sometimes we can take things a little too far. I did a blog awhile back on being a people-pleaser, It's Not Easy Being Pleasing which can leave you just dry with nothing to give and today I wanted to talk about our mistakes. Like most of you, I've made mistakes nothing I waste my life regretting but certainly something I wish had made a wiser decision regarding but then again if I had I wouldn't have learned a much needed lesson. One of the things about making a mistake and the most important aspect is learning from it. I've learned from my mistakes, some of those lessons were hard but the best part is I found strength and resiliency I didn't know I had while going through it.

But here's something that most women may not realize or think that they shouldn't do because really as women we are trained to be self-sacrificing, so the majority of us come into relationships many times giving way more than we'll ever receive. But the point is you don't have to live with that mistake forever. I know it sounds simple but when you look around at other people, especially other women you know notice how many of them are living with their mistake, no matter what that may be. It may be a husband, boyfriend, job, or friends they've decided to be nice and congenial and just live with the mistake. As women we sacrifice life, happiness, health (mental and physical) not to make people mad, to just stick it out because we think the situation can be saved although no one but us in the saving business, we don't want to quit, we think other people will think poorly of us if we move on with our lives. When I left my marriage one of the things told to me by someone was since I was Christian I shouldn't get a divorce. First and foremost, thank God that I actually know God on a personal basis so I knew that was crap, God never meant for me to emotionally abused and close to losing my mind to honor Him. Thank God, I didn't believe that lie. God is not meaning for your life to be an ongoing struggle with someone who doesn't do anything He requires of a excellent man or husband. I'd made a mistake, I'd used my judgment and married a person not meant for me. It was bad judgment but the one thing I did know was God did not mean for me to forever live with this mistake and miserable and crazy.

You can admit the mistake, rectify and start again it's never too late to make your life better, happier, more productive, less stressful, and more full and loving. It can be done and it's a wonderful thing when it is done. I'm not talking about being selfish, selfish is when you keep yourself, someone else, your kids in a terrible situation. When you take care yourself, you're better to equipped to take care of others when you love yourself enough to give yourself permission to live a good life. You can give more, because you have something to give. Now that I've moved on from a bad relationship, everything is better and I do mean so much better. I can give more to everyone without sacrificing the best parts of me but the best part is when I give now I get so much in return so I'm never lacking, when I give, I get more than I ever gave that's the way to give. Giving is not supposed to leave you with nothing and dry, giving is supposed to replenish you so you can keep giving. But do me a favor if you're giving yourself, the best parts of you as a woman to a mistake just stop it. Once time is gone it never returns, you'll never get that time back and if your conscious is nagging you it's God trying to tell you that you can turn this thing around and get on the road to a joyful life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seattle Mix Up Number 283, It Rains Too Much There

Seattle is a wet city but there are tons of other cities that get way more rain than we do, Houston, St. Louis and New York get about the more same or more rain on average as Seattle. I hope that clears some things up. In television shows and movies Seattle is always shown as this gray and depressing city in the new series on AMC The Killing the commercials show a city so gray and depressing I almost flung myself from a window. Then I realized, hell I live in this city and it's not that gray and depressing. The rain in Seattle can be steady especially during the winter and spring months but it doesn't rain heavy. When it rain heavy that's big news and if it starts to thunder and lighting that's a top story and on the front page of the newspaper. It can get gray but that doesn't stop anyone from doing anything, most days when it rains it's more like someone spitting on you than actual heavy rain. Believe me no one stays at home because it rains, everything keeps moving if we stayed at home or stopped doing things because of rain, nothing would ever get done. After awhile you get used to it, I barely carry an umbrella and very rarely do I take it out and open it. The rain is so light, it's easier to just to walk through it. But the best part is that when the weather is nice, it's damn nice and people would contend with the gray skies of winter and early spring to get a touch of our summer. Don't believe everything you see on television, hundreds of thousands people live here and we love it. The rain can be a bit much especially when it's day after day but it makes for some beautiful surroundings, lush forests and beautiful flowers. I know Seattle has this reputation and really I think most Seattleites just let it stick because we so don't want anyone else to move up here and ruin our little piece of hidden paradise. But believe me we are not all wet up here. This is Seattle, the Emerald City.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're Moving!

Matt and I are moving, now it's not like we're moving to another city. Well, really we are just not out of state. We're moving out of Seattle to a suburb called Mountlake Terrace in Snohomish County and out of King County. I'm really excited about this, so is he. It will mean a little more of a commute for me to my job but it will be less of commute for him and he works full time and I only work part time so it's not really a sacrifice for me and one I would have been glad to make anyway. He's the vital cog of this operation if you know what I mean but the best part is he's fine with that role. I am a lucky and blessed girl, have I told you all that. He wanted more room and we needed it. Seattle is a great town to live but the housing cost is a little ridiculous and the apartments are a tad small. So if you want a little more for your money you gotta move out of the town. Now to tell the truth it's not that far, my commute to my job may go from 15 minutes to 35 minutes not a big deal. As long as it's not hours I'm okay I only get traffic on the way in and I'm not as adverse to traffic as he is. But we get a bigger two bedroom apartment in a nice spot, close to the freeway but not on any main roads and I get a walk-in closet. Somebody say hallelujah! Because I sure am. So we're excited I think it's going to be a nice change. We have a lot of things going on in our lives, lots of great changes and things we are looking forward to. And did I tell you I bought a wedding dress, yea it's been an eventful week for me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay Seattle, Pick a Weather Pattern and Stick With It

One of the things that I love and hate about Seattle is the weather, when it's good it's damn good and when it's bad it's just depressing. Spring has got to be one of the worst seasons for weather around here. Not only are my allergies going crazy but it's been a weird pattern of schizoid weather around this place. All week you don't know if it's spring or if this town really missing winter. Half the day it rains and is gray and the other half it's sunny and beautiful and I do mean all of this is happening on the same day. You can get different weather patterns neighborhood to neighborhood here. It's just been the weirdest, I go out this morning on my way to teach all bundled up because it's freezing cold and raining and I come back home it's warm and the sun is shining. You have to dress in layers here, you never know what you're going to get. Really, I never bother watching the weatherman he couldn't get the forecast correct with all the Doppler in the world. Only way to figure out the weather is to wake up and look outside, then you'll get an accurate forecast. Well maybe. A day or so ago it started snowing and earlier that day it had been sunny. I've lived here almost 20 years and really I should be used to this, this is typical April weather, all rain, all the time but the extreme of the patterns over these last couple of days just has me wanting to pull my hair out. I know all the April showers will bring May flowers but damn, does have to be so cold too. Tomorrow the weatherman forecast sunny and warmer, yea I'll believe it when I see it.

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Robert Downey Jr.

This post is dedicated to Robert Downey Jr.'s best fan and future baby mama, Vonnie at Socialitedreams. This one is for you, I wasn't really thinking about this one, in fact I was thinking of doing Will Smith but maybe next week Will. But Vonnie happened to mention him on a Tweet and yes I got an idea, a good idea. That this week I should say yes lawd, Robert Downey Jr. is hot and my favorite comeback kid. Listen, I'm an old school fan of his, I saw this man in 'Less than Zero' back in the eighties. Okay, he's had his issues especially then and it's nice when someone overcomes them and regains hotness that we thought was long gone because of some bad decisions. I continually see Robert on women's hot man list lately, he's like the dressed up bad boy. His role in Iron Man just pretty much sealed the deal for me when it came to his hawtness, he had me in that shiny metal suit. He's a little bit worldly and sophisticated and a little raunchy and dirty at the same time, it's a tempting combo. I mean really when you see him on the red carpet, he's repeatedly voted one of the best dressed men. I swear I keep waiting for a Ferrari to come up and for him to drive fast down the roads of Monte Carlo can't you just feel the wind in your hair, yea girl! I love that he doesn't take himself too seriously and actually makes fun of his days of crack and roses. He's funny and irreverent and has to dry sense of humor and the rapier wit I admire so much in my men. He's not typically sexy in that Hollywood hunky way, he's the smarter woman's sexy, sexy with an edge. I mean the man's role in 'Tropic Thunder' made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. What can I say, I love him. Although he is officially Vonnie's hunk o' burning love I'm borrowing him today and sharing him a bit with everyone. I couldn't keep him anyway, he's a little short for me but I still love him. The sexy and extremely talented, Robert Downey Jr.