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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Chris Evans

Yowza! I'm trying to keep it together, keep it together but this boy is hot! He's setting my screen on fire, the beautiful blue eyes, the brooding stare, look at them lips and that chiseled body. I can set my dinner plate on those abs! Good gravy, I think I just an orgasm. Listen, tomorrow Captain America, The First Avenger comes out and really I could care less. I really love comic book movies but I wasn't dying to see this one, I didn't really want to watch the Fantastic Four either but hold on because his fine ass is in both of them and in his new movie his body is looking like pop n' fresh muffins. Yes, I will be going but only with a girlfriend, I couldn't make Matt suffer through me slightly drooling on him over Chris Evans. What can I say, his body and face are just screaming 'please hurry and come sin with me!' Yea I'm all over it, Chris Evans.


  1. he is soooo freaking yummy...everything about him is on point

  2. Delurking to say I co-sign 100%! I think my crush started when I say him in The Nanny Diaries ( was that the name of the movie:) with Scarlett Johnassen. Beleive I sat up and took note; I really dig the clean cut, blonde or light-brown hair preppy types like him (or Paul Walker)Since then I try to catch a movie if I know he will be in it. His acting is only so-so but those eyes more than make up for it.