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Monday, July 18, 2011

Star's Favorite... Alcoholic Drinks-Champagne Cocktail

Last night I stayed up way too late and watched one of my favorite classic romances, An Affair to Remember with one of my dead man crushes and Lawd Have Mercy He Hot choices, Cary Grant and the beautiful red head Deborah Kerr. I love this movie, everything about it, the story, the costumes, the scenery, and the sets. It's just uber romance to me. But as I watched it there was a scene in which Cary and Deborah's characters order one of my favorite drinks, the glamorous and classic Champagne Cocktail. I do adore champagne, it is the classiest drink in the world, leaves wine in the dust for class. They order Champagne Cocktails with pink champagne,  I see characters in lots of movies from the 50s and 60s order this drink and it is an amazing drink. If you order it today at some trendy bar, they wouldn't know how to make it. You usually have to be at a place that's been around for awhile, very classy, with a older bartender. They can make them and make them well. Ordering a Champagne Cocktail at Applebee's is like ordering a Highball there, all they know is Margaritas and Sex on the Beach. Champagne Cocktail is class drink and when you order it, be ready for eyebrows to raise because I think most of the younger or even my generation have no idea what it is. So the next time you're at the local classy restaurant or bar, order yourself a Champagne Cocktail you won't be disappointed. Here's the recipe for those that would like to make them at home, it's very simple.

Champagne Cocktail
  •  1 cube sugar 
  • Angostura bitters 
  •  Chilled champagne

Soak sugar cube with a couple of good splashes of Angostura bitters and place in the bottom of a large champagne flute.

Fill slowly with sparkling wine.
Garnish with a lemon twist. 

Mmm mmm, now go and enjoy!

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  1. Hi Flaming Star! Thanks for sharing the recipe of that Champagne Cocktail! I haven't seen the movies you mentioned, might check it out later. The movie that keeps popping on my mind was, A walk to remember. LOL!