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Friday, May 13, 2011

And the Invites Are Off and Running

Okay, the invitations for the wedding are out in the United States Mail so we're off and running. Well all the planning so far is going well without a lot of the drama that I was first dreading when I thought about all the things that need to happen. This wedding is small about 30 guests so the invitations were easy, I found some I adored online, got them done and mailed, cost me all of 100 bucks. We're on a budget here, I don't believe in going into debt for a wedding. That's not the important part, the marriage is the important part and I will not be going into that with debt from a damn wedding. Now, it's time to get these bridesmaids in shape. I only have two bridesmaids and my best friend is my maid of honor, so three ladies. They get their choice in dresses, the only restrictions regarding that is that the dress has to be hot pink/fuchsia, short (knee-length) and they wear silver shoes. Sounds really easy...huh? Well, I'm not positive if they're thinking the same thing. My two bridesmaids are my 14 and 15 year old nieces and man they are indecisive. So I think in a little bit I may have the crack the whip on them, this is not their opportunity to be glamour girls but you'd swear they were dressing for the red carpet with the indecisiveness. So far it's going well, I've got a few things I need to do. Matt needs to get his suit altered and we both need to buy our shoes for the wedding. These are two pairs I'm think about these Fuchsia sling backs and this pair of Fuchsia pumps. I do adore shoe shopping and one the last things I need do is get cupcakes, because we aren't having a traditional wedding cake. We also have an appointment with our pastor, so it's perking right along. I must say as the days get closer, I get more and more excited about this marriage. Although I love weddings, it really is just one day and I'm so psyched about spending my life with this person so that portion can't come fast enough for me. We also have set up the honeymoon, we're going to one our favorite spots McMenamin's Edgefield which is awesome unique hotel and resort for about a week it's in Troutdale, Oregon. We're gonna save a little money because next year the plan is go on a huge family vacation with my family to Alaska on a Disney Cruise. So keep looking out for more updates up until the big day!

Oh I'd also like to share our wedding website with you guys. I really love it, I did through so if you're getting married they are awesome resource here it is, Eugenia and Matt's Wedding Site

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