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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Have I Told You About My Move

Head slap, oh the move. What an absolute nerve-wracking disaster. Now that's it's done and Matt and I are settling in our new place I've calmed down enough to write about what a horror the move was. I also want to tell  you how much I love and adore Matt without him I would have jumped somebody on the day of that move. I'm so grateful that's he's the man of the house and don't mind taking care of business. It's nice to have someone who's okay with that sort of thing, it's fantastic that I no longer have to take up that role. But I digress a bit, it was a harrowing move to say the least.

So let's begin at the beginning I wake to a beautiful Seattle day, I was so happy about the weather was nice. Moving is bad enough with having to do it while it's raining. So that was great but I did mention that this was also my birthday, so I was really looking forward to a easy move and a chance to relax that evening with my sweetheart as we celebrated my birthday and eased into celebrating his the next day. Well the movers had other plans, I decided to wait down at my mom's place while the moving took place. Everything had been packed up and was waiting for the moving trucks so as I left that morning to pick up some breakfast from McDonald's for myself and sweetie, I noticed that there were two small moving trucks pulling up outside my apartment building. Something should have told me something was amiss right off the bat, because I've used movers before and they always come in one truck never two. So I leave, pick up breakfast, come back, give Matt his and go down to my mama's and stretch out on her couch to relax as the move takes place. Now, I've just said above that I've used movers before and so has Matt so were estimating to move these things from our old place to the new place at the maximum amount of time...four hours. I've done this before and that's about how long it took and it was done well. I have no idea who these folks were but if you ever come across a moving company called 'Two Guys with a Heart and a Truck' do not and I mean DO NOT use them to move your items. A one bedroom apartment with not a lot of furniture took these folks 8 hours to move. I was flabbergasted and they'd estimated with Matt about 4 hours and they were charging by the hour. I was sitting there and every once in awhile Matt would check in and say how badly things were going, that one of the guys was a good worker and the other guy didn't want to do anything, he didn't want to work as team, he was being fussy and lazy. I decided not to go up much because my nerves can only take so much foolishness before I go completely haywire. Matt's patience is so much more longer than mine so some things it's better for him to handle. But after some time even he had had enough and by the end of the fourth hour, even without everything packed he wanted that lazy nitwit out of there and so did I.

We drove up north to our new place in Mountlake Terrace, somehow one of their trucks had broken down, wow and they wanted to include the time it took for them to fix the truck in the working hours, yea right! By the time they started unpacking the guy who had been doing most of the work was fed up with the lazy bastard and completely stopped helping him and the lazy bastard broke three pieces of my furniture, two pieces he decided to lie and say they were already broken. I've moved most of my furnishing three different times, once with movers, twice with just my brothers and a friends helping and never broke a thing. He was careless and lazy, what a horrid combination. So this all began at 9 am in the morning at about 4:45 pm here comes lazy bastard asking for Matt to sign paperwork. My boxes were everywhere, things weren't placed in the right rooms, my headboard and table were broke, we still had to go back to the old place and move items that had not been moved and he wanted Matt to sign off on this 8 hours of tomfoolery. Let me just do my Whitney impression 'HELL TO THE NAW!' I instructed Matt not to sign that paper and get his boss on the line and complain, which he did. I like that Matt actually listens to me and doesn't fight with me about everything to try to one-up me in a power struggle, my ex did that all the time. The guy starts to loud talk, Matt, let me just say this and then move on. The lazy ass moving us was a black guy, which is neither here nor there because the guy who was working hard was also a black guy. But what I sometimes get so frustrated about black people, in general, is our tendency to try to loud talk people especially when we're so obviously in the wrong. I know we'll do it with white people because we're trying to intimidate folks. I find it crass and unnecessary and when I heard him talking to Matt, I thought I'd come in and say something because I'd had enough. But here's a clue my future husband is 6'4" over 250 lbs I wouldn't buck with him and once Matt got through telling him off, he shut the hell up. I told him no one was going to sign anything, this entire move had taken too long and to get away from my front door. He said something to me, but he was saying on the other side of a closed door in his face.

It was long day and while the move from hell was going on, we'd also got news that the apartment that were going to move in was now unavailable because it was having a major leak, so we'd be moved into another apartment. I was more than unhappy about that but I was tired and frustrated by the move so I couldn't sufficiently fuss with the management about that surprise that happened the morning of the move. And actually that turned out really well in the end, we decided to stay in the place the management gave us as a replacement. At least one blessing came out this, I love my new apartment, I love my new community and I love my sweetheart, he is the greatest. And as for the movers, well there are hot letters in there future although they went down on the charges, I personally think with the incompetence in this move it should have been totally free. I will be reporting these the folks at the government level because I feel like someone tried to pull the 'bait and switch', yea that's me, I want ish on people's permanent record. And my mom always said, the pen is mightier than the sword. Words to live by.


  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Report that moving company to the BBB for sure. Sometimes when moving I check them out on the BBB and see if there have been complaints on their company. I'm so glad you like your new place and that you have such a stand up guy. Blessings to you both!

  2. Congratulations on the move!

    Yeah, Some black men likes to play the whole angry black man card. It's hilarious, because it don't work on any man who spent time with black people. At least here in Sweden.

  3. Every success in your new house.