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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Daniel Craig

What did I know about Daniel Craig before James Bond...really nothing. I think I'd heard of him but I can't say that I remember him in any movie roles. Then they announced he'd replacing my beloved Pierce Bronsnan as the spy who knows how use every weapon under the sun attached to this body and not attached, James Bond. I am a James Bond freak fanatic and if you know anything about James Bond fans, you probably know that we were not happy to hear about Craig. But I must say that all changed when I saw him in 'Casino Royale' then I thought 'Pierce who?' He was amazing and on top of it he made me fall in love with the James Bond franchise all over again, he was more of the thinking man's Bond, did away with all the campiness that had unfortunately become the character of 007, he made the Bond role more sophisticated and dangerous than ever. I figured if he could do that with a long beloved character, I needed to see him in something else. He'll be in 'Cowboys and Aliens' this summer with another one my wayback hotties, Harrsion Ford, and I'm looking forward to it. He's a brilliant actor and just so damn sexy, a sophisticated tough guy, those piercing blue eyes, wears a suit like he was born in it, with a body that makes you want to lick it dry, yea I went there. His face isn't pretty, it's ruggedly handsome and looks like it's been lived in so he looks all man, which is seriously hawt! And like many women I am a sucker for an English accent, really what can I say I like to hear them talk. So please give all your attention to the sophisticated, tough, classy, and sexy Daniel Wroughton Craig. Oh yes Mr. Craig, yes!


  1. I am not really into blond men, however, Daniel Craig and the man who plays Thor, both are really cute!

  2. Well ValeriesWorld, I looovvveee me some blonde men LOL. But really I can certainly appreciate a beautiful man no matter what the hair, eye color combo. But I have a particular penchant for blondes and I am very interested in ogling the actor that plays Thor. Mmm hmm, yes.