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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There's a wonderful song by one of all-time favorite artist, Prince, called "Head" and and believe me he ain't talking about cutting hair. It's been awhile since I've discussed some south of border stuff, some lessons or reminders for us ladies in relationships. I may get some comments, but Imma go head on with this one. For any woman in a long term relationship or marriage please let me inform you, you should be giving head. Now I hear this quite a bit about black women from black men, they complain that black women don't give head and I hear black women always talking about how they're not going to suck on some man's nasty dick. OMG, what is this middle school? Get over it, any woman with any sense knows the pleasure and power in giving head especially when you enjoy it and do it well. I find that many black women in IRs are not at all adverse to doing it, giving lessons, talking about it, or enjoying the experience. I most certainly am not and I'm damn near an expert. Been seeking wisdom and honing my technique for years and believe me it is much appreciated. I don't just give head on special occasions, I just don't do it on anniversaries and birthdays no I'm generous with my head. Now I must say I don't do it everyday but when I'm feeling particularly randy, yea I'll suck that thang like its got the antidote in it. If there's one thing I abhor it's selfish lovers, really selfish people should be forced to have sex with themselves so they know how bad it is to have sex with them. I certainly appreciate a man that likes go 'south of border' on me, so why wouldn't I reciprocate. But it's more than reciprocal. It's the joy it brings to me to bring my man to heights of pleasure, it's the power it gives me to be in control of his responses. I can give him feelings he's never experienced and won't ever again without having me there. It's a source of intimacy and sharing that brings us closer. Sex is deeper than just two bodies rubbing together, it's a connection. The sounds that I hear come from him as I pleasure him bring me deep pleasure, it just turns me on. I'm so glad I'm not a damn prude, I'm not recommending wrapping your lips around any stranger's dick but for real if you've never given your boyfriend or husband head, that's just! I feel sorry for him and you because you are missing out. I've known men to leave women because another woman was willing to do what his girl was not. Now, I'm just being honest and if you're going to try it you need to enjoy it. Nothing is worse for a woman or man than to have someone down there out of obligation, people can tell what you really don't and do want to do. If a man goes down on me I want him down there like it's his last damn meal, okay. And if you're particularly daring you can always swallow, once you do that, forget it, he'll never leave you, EVER. Now enjoy listening to Prince and meditate on that.


  1. LMAO!!! tell it like it is :) when i get a boo/hubby, definitely no holding back for stuff like that, i would want to please him and he most definitely better want to please me. loves it

    as chris rock said in a stand up act yeaaars ago when i still listened to him:

    "dating someone who don't give head is like having ms dos and a 1994 computer...why would you want an obsolete model when everyone's a mac or fast pc now?" something like that, it was a few years ago when i heard it


  2. Vonnie, I remember that he said when he meets a girl that doesn't give head it's like looking at betamax machine and he goes 'they still make you' LOLOLOL!

    Yea in an intimate relationship those kinds of things are required. I mean if you're married to someone, you should be able to 'take it to the bridge' as I call it. Ya'll are married, swing from chandeliers dammit. There is nothing better than good, wild sex with the person you love, nothing.

  3. Of course my first comment is on this post, but it's so true!! I'm a big proponent of performing and performing with enthusiasm south of the border. I didn't realize that most black women are opposed to it, but I don't think I believe that either. I haven't encounter black women that don't, but hey everyone's different!

  4. Angie, I'm glad you found something to comment on. Maybe it's me or the women I've known or maybe everybody is just lying to me and they really are giving head just not enjoying it LOL. Either way I feel sorry for them.