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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Project is Complete, TA-DA!

So I did t, I sanded like my life depended on it, primed and painted and got a beautiful restored piece of furniture. I'm so proud of myself and think I've found a new hobby. I like to stay busy around the house, so now I have two beautiful maple wood chairs to sand and paint and then I'll be keeping my eye out for a side table for my dining room. I'm also thinking of painting the dining table that we have but I'm just thinking for now. So enjoy pictures of my restored bureau, I love the navy blue and polished nickel hardware. That was an excellent choice but I do have sense of style about myself, that's for sure. Oh and that's my walk-in closet, I do enjoy that closet one the reasons we choose this place over others.


  1. I want it! please?? :)

    This is beautiful work, I think I will try it.

  2. You should it took me about two days to complete, which I was surprised by I thought it would take longer. I'm astonished at well it turned out. I mean good wood furniture is just something you should not throw out, it's so expensive. These pieces I have are good solid, well-made wood furniture. Yea they are getting a new life with the sander and some paint.