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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've Been 4 for 2 Days

I know I haven't written blogs in the last couple of days, one of the reasons is because I was hanging with a 4 year old for two days. I spent this Monday and Tuesday hanging out with my 4 year old niece, Olivia, my brother and sister in law have been out town and she was staying with my mom. But my mom works and since I'm on spring break from teaching, she got to hang with Auntie for two days. She's a great kid, absolutely adorable she's usually very shy when she meets people, most of the time she won't talk but once you get her started talking, she don't really stop. She talks about everything, mom and dad, her big brother, their dogs Diesel and Simeon, her friends, school, clothes, everything. You have never had a random conversation until you've had one with a 4 year old, it's great. That's most random conversation, I've ever had but I still enjoyed it. She keeps you on your toes and you have to listen carefully because she may change up at any moment.

She's a sweetheart kid and although she can a booger-bear with mom and dad. Every time I've ever watched her she's sweet as sugar. She don't whine, she don't cry (unless she's missing her parents), and she don't beg for anything. The first day we went shopping and I bought her two books, I like raising readers so I buy all the kids in my family lots of books. Auntie also bought some books for herself. Then we went to Target and I pushed in the cart all around the store. She helped me pick out clothes and we bought her a outfit too for spring. She's funny, she told me she wanted a newer Barack Obama t-shirt from her parents visit to DC, that the one she had was old. Look, she's really smart already too. We had lots of fun together. She spent the evening at my house with Matt and I and my friend's son, Kenny who I have adopted as a nephew. Blood ain't the only thing that makes family ties for me. We watched movies on Netflix and watched 'Dora the Explorer' which I must say I watch regularly on my own, I like to practice my Spanish, don't judge me. We also did the chicken dance, I'm kind of silly when I want to be.

On Tuesday, we went to movies, she had to go to the bathroom like three times during the movie. It's eventful to try to sit through a movie a 4 year old but as usual she was great. But right before the end she did proclaim loudly 'when is this movie going to end? I'm ready to go.' I always enjoy spending time with her but after those two days I'm pooped. This once again verifies that I've done the right thing by not having children, especially at this age I don't think I could keep up. My mom commented that children are for young people because they have lots of energy. My storage of energy has been wiped bare for awhile, I'm replenishing it now.

But I just wanted Olivia to always know that I consider it a privilege to her and my other nieces and nephews Aunt. They're as close as I'm going to get to having kids of my own and being a mother and I so enjoy my time with them. I'm a proud Auntie.


  1. Oh thank you Auntie Punkin! This brought tears to my eyes! As the mommy of miss olivia, I know she can be a handful, and she LOVES to talk, and is very opinionated about everything! She kept talking about Target and pushing around the store! Thank you so much again for spending time with her! PS she did get a new 'Barack Obama" sweatshirt, that she wore today! XOXO

  2. She's a joy, it was no problem. It's not much a handful, she walks a little faster than me. LOL. But I loved it. I like that she talks, it's better than inquisitive stare she gives up, sizing you trying to figure out if she actually thinks you're worth talking too.

    The mornings were a little rough she missed Nannie but once she knew she was close by, she was okay. We had lots of fun.