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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rest In Peace, Dear Liz

Today while checking some things on my iPhone I happened to see a tweet regarding the death of Elizabeth Taylor at the age of 79. I was stunned, I heard she died of congestive heart failure and had been in the hospital six weeks previous to this. I was saddened, I am huge fan of Elizabeth Taylor and as most of you who read this blog frequently know, I am fan of classic films and boy she made some great ones. I'm looking forward to whatever specials they have on her on TCM in the upcoming days, I know the films they'll be showing with her as a star will be spectacular. My personal favorites being 'National Velvet' and 'A Place in the Sun' with her good friend and absolutely gorgeous heartthrob, Montgomery Clift. She was an immense talent and her beauty was coveted by many women with those mesmerizing violet eyes, she outlasted many of the Hollywood starlets but lead a bit of a tumultous life with her frequent marriages but had a loving spirit and was a fiercely loyal friend. But whatever she did, wherever she was, she was always the one and the only Liz, there will never be another quite like her. You'll be missed, Elizabeth Taylor.


  1. great post! she was the last of the great hollywood icons :( RIP dear Liz

  2. I like her, she was really beautiful. May she rest in peace and rise in Christ.