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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well, I'm Not Perfect

I like blogs that can give a little advice and let people know how it's okay to be imperfect. I like 'real' people, many things I see on the internet especially in blogs and boards are all these perfect people living perfect lives, of course, you know it's a lie but it can make you feel bad that maybe you're not living up to your potential. I'm sometimes a perfectionist but never enough not to realize that my imperfection makes me perfect. My name, Eugenia, means well-born or perfect. My mother always told me how perfect I was, I think that's the reason I didn't suffer really damaging self-esteem. I actually believed her, she's my mom why would she lie to me? My thought is that no one is living up to their potential and writing about living up to your potential is easier than actually living it. I want people to know that I'm real, I have all the struggles of real people. I hope that gives people inspiration it certainly gives me inspiration when I know someone may be struggling with some of the same things I've struggled with. I don't know, I find it reassuring that people have some of the same struggles I have. I certainly don't wish people difficulties in their life but it's nice to find things in common. It's also nice to hear how they've overcome those. I am not a person that wants to hear about the agonies of life that people are constantly re-living because they learn nothing from their mistakes. I like hear stories that inspire empowerment in them and others.

But along with this, I also like it when people talk about the things they may believe make them strange and come to find out others have some of those oddities. Those things I'm not ashamed of, I'm odd in a lot of ways that's what makes me unique. Some of best and most unique imperfections are:

  • I make this weird noise when my throat itches, it's not like anything you've ever heard almost like a wounded goose. When I scratch my throat I make it. My mom, my little brother and my baby niece Olivia also do it. 
  • I don't like when people sit on my bed, my best friend and I have that in common. So I never sit on her bed and she never sits on mine.
  • I don't like for people to touch my radio in the car.
  • I hate wet bathroom floors or wet carpet, yuck!
  • I don't like people to put their bare feet anywhere near my body and mostly definitely don't touch me with them. I'm not big on footsy.
  • I hate dirty dish water, really I don't like to put my hands in dish water at all even with gloves. Thank goodness Matt likes to wash dishes.
  • I like forks, spoons, and knives all in the proper place in the silverware drawer.
  • When I say thank you, I don't like when people say 'okay'. It irks me a little, I always say 'you're welcome'. 
  • I bounce my leg when I'm nervous, just my right one in a consistent rhythmic motion. My mom and my little brother also do the same thing.
  • I'm insanely organized, all things have to put back where you got them from. I'm not a neat freak but I'm a freak about being organized.
  • I love pens, I just love pens. I buy all kinds, expensive and cheap, all different colors. I really love pens, my mom used to buy them for me as little gifts as a child.
  • I only drink LaCroix carbonated flavored water, I don't drink tap water and I like the carbonation. I think it keeps me from drinking a bunch of soda.
  • I hate chocolate, can't stand it, it's so nasty and leaves a terrible after taste in my mouth.
  • I can't wear any pj pants to bed, I don't like things on my legs when I sleep and I can't wear socks I feel like I'm dying with socks on my feet in bed. I feel like I'm trapped.
  • I always have to take a shower before bed, I can't stand feeling sticky when my body parts rub against one another. I will get up in the middle of the night to take a shower if I have to and have done so.
  • I have a keen sense of smell but I can't hear well out of my right ear the result of a childhood ear infection. 
  • I have a birthmark on the small of my back I didn't know I had till about 8 years ago.
  • I love taking pictures of myself, my family and especially Matt, that boy said he hadn't smiled in photos in almost 8 years and I saw proof of that. So it's so nice that I have all the photos of him, where he actually looks genuinely happy. I want to be able to have a photo log of every moment of my life for my old age.
I like all my imperfections, I'm not trying to rid myself of any of them. I love the quirky stuff about me that makes me unique and different. My mom always taught me to take pride in being different. What imperfections about yourself are you proud of?


  1. You are pretty damn close to perfect. You are loving, smart, think for yourself, and living your life supporting things that you believe are important and have value. I think that is as close to perfect as you can get. JC

  2. Thank you JC, that makes me feel good. Awww! You ain't too bad yourself. I gotta write your review.

  3. I've been lurking around your sight and I love it. I'm not perfect either. I'll tell you two things that make me Cheri. I can only drink water with a splash of lemon. I know...weird. Also I don't like for my food to touch on my plate. Thanksgiving IS a challenge just in case you were wondering.

  4. Thanks Cheri for de-lurking. I'm glad you the blog. I get the water thing, water has got to have something to make it more interesting. How do you do the no food touching plate thing? I'm interested to know. Thanks for joining me.

  5. It's tricky but it can be done. I put each portion on the plate far from each other and eat one at a time. I just like tasting and appreciating one thing at a time. If something accidentally touches I will not eat it. I know it's weird. My dad has been making fun of me for YEARS! I can't stop though.

  6. That is interesting. My best friend won't sit on a warm seat, a place where she knows someone else has just sat LOL. We make fun of her too. It's okay that's what Dad's do best.