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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Lord I Hurt, But I Did it Again Today

I've started exercising again and oh my lord, I'm hurting. My body is aching and I could use a good massage but that's okay. I'm going to persevere. I stopped exercising a couple of years back when I started to have anxiety and panic attacks which also brought on mild depression. It's just tough to get inspired to do anything when mentally you feel like crap. But I'm better and my life is fantastic so I feel motivated again to try to continue to live a long and healthy life. So yesterday was the first day back to working it out. I have a wonderful, the one pictured here with Erin O'Brien working that body getting it in shape, so I can get some lean muscle and rid myself of this flabbiness I have now. This DVD was a gift from a wonderful person, Christelyn Karazin, she runs the blog Beyond, Black, and White where she's inspiring black women to live healthy and happy lives. I just want to thank her for this video, it's kicking my butt and I'm loving it. I was sweating like a Hebrew slave and my heart was beating so hard I would hear it and feel it, but I'm so proud of myself. I'm committed to feeling better and looking better, it actually left with a lot of energy after the workout. I was hurting this morning but I got up and did it again.

Since I'm getting married I'm trying to make sure I don't have to buy the plus size wedding dress because heck, size 14 is plus size now and I can't afford the extra $100 for a wedding dress. It's unfair but it is what it is. It's just easier to do something I was planning on doing anyway, exercising to lose some pounds and get the regular size dress. I'm excited about being a little slimmer, trimmer and leaner for the summertime. I'm also need to work my heart, as a type 1 diabetic it's very important that we work our hearts, we have propensity for heart disease and I ain't going out like no sucka! I plan on living a long time to love people and drive them crazy with my sarcasm. I might be updating soon as things start to transform.


  1. Good for you!

    People always say be proud of you body and you should, But it's like they are ignoring that you live a better and healthier life if you slim down a bit.

    I have lost about half of the baby weight and I take really long walks with a friend of mine each morning, having a friend who is also on paternity leave is so awesome. Once again a gold star to the Swedish system :)

    OH! I wrote a bit about my wedding on my blog if you are interested!

  2. You can do it!~~

    I got back into the gym too after a long hiatus in January with a friend. At first it was so hard (and still is LOL) but now I'm getting addicted to the fun atomsphere in aerobics classes and having the extra source of energy.

    Plus have you checked out this site? It's my fave IR wedding site founded by a BW.

  3. I want to thank you guys for the kind words and support. Yes, Crush'ed I'm doing it. I like all the extra energy I get from it, it's great. You're a tad younger than me and my metabolism has slowed down a bit in my old age LOL. But I like the feeling I get from it. Some of my soreness has gone away and tomorrow I will be back on the grind.