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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammys, Ummm Meh.

Last night I remembered about half way through the Grammys that it was actually on television. That shows you how much I pay attention to award shows but we were watching Star Wars and since both I and Matt have seen it about a million times I thought I'd watch the Grammys. I wasn't really sure who had been nominated this year for some reason, I guess because my life is actually full of living I just kind of overlooked what the music tastes have been over this last year. I still just listen to exactly what I want to whether it's new music or not, one of the best things about having a iPhone. I don't have to subject myself to crap radio.

So we caught the program midway just when Justin Beiber and Usher came onstage, really I could have missed that performance and my life have been okay. But I watched it, I must say Usher is no fool this kid has the girls swooning and moms and dads parting with their dollars to go watch that cornball movie of his, fool and his money. I also watched Esperanza Spalding, who no one had ever heard of previous to these Grammys awards walk away with the New Artist Grammy. The Beiber fever fans went crazy, I didn't know 12 year old girls knew language like that but anyway I was proud actual musical talent by an actual musician won out. I must say that's one thing I enjoy about the Grammys, they celebrate music not just popularity. It was an interesting show, Cee Lo channeled the 70s Elton John and probably got about as high as he did to have worn that outfit and sang 'F--- You' with Gwenyth Paltrow and jammed with some muppets. Yea maybe I was high too at the time, because I thought my eyes were seeing a mirage. Look at this.

All I can say is this a trip man. I also watched a sappy performance by Katy Perry with pictures of her wedding on a screen in the background, really I'm sure no one wanted to see that maybe she was mad because no tabloid wanted to pay her for the pictures. I also discovered a great new band called Mumford & Sons and good lord them boys was killing that banjo playing. So I'm all out now looking for their music. Thank you Grammys every once and awhile you give me faith that musical talent actually exist minus auto-tune. I watched Rihanna and Enimen do a song I don't like. I watched Rihanna and Drake do a song I don't like and both are still stuck in my head. Damn you, RiRi. I'd also like to just say for the record I'm so over RiRi and Lady Gaga, ladies give me break. Lady Gaga I know is trying to be the poor man's Madonna but even Madge knew to go away for a minute and then come back as a re-invention of herself. Please ladies I suggest you take a page from her book. I'm glad I didn't miss the 'In Memoriam' I always like to see who's passed over the last year, I know it sounds a little demented but really sometimes I'm surprised by who has gone on to glory in the music and movie industry. This year I wasn't shocked by it but I was offended that they included a publicist on the list. When did people who have no musical talent or even talent in helping to create the musical arts get a place in the memorial. When did it become okay to include someone whose job it is to keep you off the front page of The Enquirer when you're found in a hotel with three tranny hookers and a crack rock the size of a bowling ball. I was not digging on that. I was astounded and offended by Nicki Minaj's outfit, that was wrong on so many levels. Really she's just doing that to eff with people and it's not funny. I watched Lady Antebellum walk away with a host of awards in the country and pop categories. Now I must admit, I love country music I'm from Texas and no matter what anyone says we all love country even though some of us may do it in secret. I almost had an epileptic seizure watching Arcade Fire, I know some folks are so glad that early 90s alt rock has made a comeback even it sucks big time. I also watched Mick Jagger prance around on stage and look like a Rango on crack but I could still get down with Jagger. Also Barbara Streisand graced us all with her presence, singing who knows a Streisand song I'm not a huge fan so they all kind of sound the same to me.

So here's to the Grammys, I must say it don't change much from year to year.

Just because it's Givenchy don't make it right.


  1. Loved this post! You had me cracking up. I wish I had access to seeing the Grammys from Hong Kong... But alas, I'm not able to... Off to Youtube to see if I can at least watch some of the most-talked about performances... :-)

  2. awesome commentary! i didn't even need to watch the show, this was a great summary lol. you are funny, wish that i could have viewed it with you

  3. The Grammy's were pretty blah. I am glad that Esperanza Spalding and Arcade Fire won. Proof that the underdog wins every once and awhile. I would have liked to see Esperanza perform more than the little bit that she did during the small segment with the president of the recording academy. She is a really talented artist. I really liked Mumford and Sons, along with the Avett Brothers.

  4. The Grammys weren't worth watching but I'm glad about Esperanza too. My 13 yr old niece plays upright bass and I so encouraged her to do so and I'm glad that Esperanza is showing that a girl with a bass can rock.