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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars, the Show was Dry but the Fashion was Hot!

The whole Oscars show last night was boring as hell and dry as Gandhi's sandals. I barely paid attention to any of it. Anne Hathaway and James Franco as host was odd but even worse was that Anne was trying to host the show alone with him as a sideshow dummy and every comment on Twitter hashtag #Oscars kept saying Franco was high as a kite. I'm prone to agree. He looked totally out of it, I swear he looked like his character Saul on Pineapple Express. Although the whole show was boring and everyone who won, I kind of expected to win and I think because of the recession it was tad toned down. Personally I still think it's nice to see some pomp to take people away from their boring daily lives, it was a okay show, nothing to write home about. I've been underwhelmed with most of the awards shows this year. But I must say the fashion was fabulous. The ladies really did work it this year and I saw some beautiful gowns. I must compliment whomever was dressing Anne Hathaway, now the woman has a body made for clothing but she looked fabulous. Check out some of my favorites from the evening.

 Gwenyth Paltrow looked beautiful. I could have done without her singing though. 

 Hailee Steinfeld is so adorable, her stylist does a great job of making her look age appropriate.

 I mean what can I say the woman knows how to rock a dress. 

 Jennifer Hudson is looking fantastic in this tangerine dress. I was getting a little nervous her boob may pop out while she was presenting.

 This lavender on Mila Kunis is gorgeous. Is lavender the new color for spring? If so, I love it.

 Natalie Portman is making pregnancy look sexy and fabulous.

 This royal blue on Amy Adams is beautiful and looks stunning with her red hair.

 Helen Mirren makes mature look great, she is stunning.

Sandra Bullock looks spectacular, that red is doing no wrong on her body.

And the guys cleaned up pretty dang good too. Rawr!!!

Of course, last but not least Anne Hathaway. My mind was reeling at how gorgeous she looked all night, how all her clothing was just perfect for the tall, slender, shapely body. She did no wrong last with her wardrobe. I mean really you could cut James Franco out of these photos, he was bringing her and me down.

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