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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Star's Favorite... Alcoholic Drinks-Good Ole' Beer

Yes, I do I love beer. I've always loved beer, I don't know why I just do. The taste, the smoothness, and it's so great when it's really cold. When I moved to Seattle back in the early 90s I was drinking Budweiser, didn't really know there was any huge choice in beer. Bud or Miller was about as far as my choosing went. But when I came to wonderful city, I discovered the magical microbrew. Ahhh say it again with me, microbrew. Now the definition of a microbrew is beer brewed in small brewery and it emphasizes craft brew over volume. They are wonderful and come in a amazing amount of varieties. In Seattle folks at microbrews brew dark ale, India Pale Ale, Stout, Hefeweizen, Brown Ale, Lagers, Blondes, White Belgian Ale, Extra Special Bitter, and so many more. When brewing a micro-brew they can the basics hops and wheat but from there you can add all kinds of things to bring a new flavor and color, fruit, coffee, just about anything.

Seattle was a boon for me and beer and I started on the path to acutally becoming a discriminating beer drinker. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but really you can become one, just as you can become a discriminating wine drinker. Because beer has taste and aroma and believe me they are out there making some craft beers, brewing some beer and aging it like champagne so you can get this incredible flavor. A lot of people here brew beer at home, which can make for some interesting tastes and flavors and alcohol content. I'd like to learn how to brew beer myself but I need a bigger kitchen it can get messy and I need room to store a lot of empty beer bottles. Now, I really don't drink Bud much anymore unless I just really want a beer that will go down real easy just like water, which is usually what a cold Budweiser taste like. My personal microbrews are any White Belgian Ale and any Blonde, mmm goes down so tasty. But check out the websites for the breweries and see for yourself.

McMenamins-it has a brewery and they own they really cool pubs and hotels, Edgefield being the best.
Redhook-is located right outside of Seattle in Woodinville, an old favorite of mine especially their blonde.
Anchor Brewing-they a make a beer I love, Anchor Steam and it's located in the Bay Area
New Belgium-makes a long time delicious Fat Tire, ain't nothing wrong with a good cold Fat Tire.
Georgetown Brewery-Georgetown is an industrial neighborhood in Seattle and make one of my favorites, Manny's Pale Ale and it's just a really neat neighborhood and brewery
Hale's Ales-I haven't been to Hale's in awhile but they have cool brew pub and they give tours which include a tasting.
Pyramid Brew-I love Pyramid and they got good food too.
Blue Moon Brewing Company-Oh lovely Blue Moon, it's their Belgian white brew you drink with a orange slice so you get a beer and some fruit, also their Honey Moon is made with honey, oh it's so tasty. Although it's made by Coors and many other of the big breweries are getting on the sales of and desire of folks to drink a beer better than a glass of Dasani water.

Now, that's just a small number of microbreweries and those are pretty major. I just can't tell you all the local pubs and breweries that brew and serve their own beer. But it's fun to try them and the pub food is just so delicious. There are tons of them here in Seattle, the west coast seems like a good spot for people who love to brew beer but people brew it everywhere. And ladies I'm letting you in on secret, if you're looking for a good place to find cool non-bm, get to your local brewery or brewfest. They are everywhere and believe me when I attend, I don't see many black women. So if you know about beer, what it is, the different tastes, what you enjoy or want advice from a handsome cool sophisticate about what to drink, all hail beerfest! There are two huge ones in the summer here in Seattle and Portland and these dudes are not just pot smoking ne'er do wells, they are successful men and appreciate a good, well-crafted beer. Yea I know everyone is saying go and learn about wines but that's so old-school and boring. When was the last time you met a woman who knew how to order the correct beer with her sushi or steak, yea I'm that chick!!! Matt and I feel in love over our love of beer, it's a good thing. So go out and try out a glass of well-crafted beer or even better go out and learn how to brew it yourself, it's a good way to take up a new hobby and maybe meet a nice new man.


  1. Not that big of a beer freak, but I know that hubby likes his beer and I know theres local beers... Denmark is a better beer country I think.

    I think that Sweden is in the vodka belt though..

  2. Nkosazana, if I were a vodka drinker I'd be out there because they are crafting some vodka too. But I don't drink vodka much anymore, bad things happen when I drink vodka. I'm dying to get over to Europe and drink some European brews. I swear when I get there the whole trip will be drinking and eating.

  3. Hey again Flaming_star! Like Nkosazana, I'm not much of a beer fan. I'm more of a vodka chic. Although, I drink beer once and a while. But if I am to order in my favorite local bar, I would definitely choose vodka cocktails. I'm quite interested in Blue Moon. I hope I can find those in a supermarket.

  4. @Basset as much as I like vodka drinks but that and Tequila is a recipe for disaster with me. Blue Moon is in the grocery store at least those in the PNW, most of their beer is fantastic micro-brew.