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Monday, February 7, 2011

Star's Favorite...Television-Samantha Brown's Anything

I have a huge 'girl crush' on Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel. She's just so little and cute, there's just something about little and cute people that makes me go all gooey. I also love her travel shows, she's done quite a few series for the Travel Channel Samantha Brown's Asia, Latin America and Europe, Guidebook shows, Getaway weekend shows, she also does a show on the best hotels around the world. I just love to travel, I am a travel bug and it's something I don't get to do often enough but watching Sam Brown makes me want to get on a big ole' jet plane and really wonder if I'll ever be back again. Her travels in Latin America put Chile on my long list of places to travel to and made Brazil a definite place I have to visit, tinee bikini and all. Every time I see any her specials on Europe, it really makes me think can I make a way to travel everywhere in Europe. When she travels her show makes it fun and functional, just touristy enough but not all tourist, she eats at great places a little off the beaten path and she stays a great hotels that seem affordable. I know she did say that the Santiago, Chile has the least expensive Ritz-Carlton in the world and I'm staying there when I visit Santiago. I love Sam Brown, everything about her makes you want to travel and have fun doing it. Her show on hotels give you a choice of some the best hotels all over the world. Listen, I like to travel but I like to travel in style and Sam Brown always travels in style. I wish I could just work as the woman who wipes the sweat from her brow, just to travel where she travels. She is fun, bubbly, and adventurous and makes the idea of women traveling even alone a viable option. I must say, traveling alone is great and fun and makes you get out and actually meet people, I've enjoyed doing it in the past. This is such a big world and she makes it manageable with her travel specials but more than anything she makes my boots want to start walking. Thanks Sam Brown, I love you, my travel muse.

Sam Dances with Vancouver Natives-Sam gets a history lesson from the Squamish people in Vacouver and even gets to join them in a dance to the "Eagle Song."

Sam Feeds Pandas in China-Watch Sam feed pandas their favorite snack, bamboo.

Make Way for Mexico City and Sam-Explore Mexico City via segway and discover some hidden gems. Head for the tree lined streets of Condessa and visit Kong for some creative pop culture goodies.

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  1. You are so spot on! I'm not a big fan of daytime tv (please, not another ad to get me to enroll in this college or that) but I LOVE watching Sam toodling around the world having a blast--single and unafraid. She's just so full of life, and making it fun.