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Friday, February 18, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Men Who Cook!

I love a man that knows how to cook, he doesn't have to cook all the time but I find it extremely sexy when a man is in kitchen doing his man thing with those pots and pans. Men cook differently from women and I find it so seductive. So when it comes to male chefs I do have my favorites. Now, I see men cook on a couple of different channels TLC, The Cooking Channel, Travel Channel and Food Network. And I so enjoy watching a hot man who's cooking and in more ways than just one. So enjoy this week's hot men who cook, they'll make you hunger for more than just food.

What can I say I love Tyler Florence, he cooks and looks like he enjoys eating what he cooks. He is the all-American boy with a spatula in his hand.

From the all-American boy to the all-American wise ass, Anthony Bourdain, who can cook like no other, it's like watching Picasso cook when I see him in the kitchen on No Reservations. The reason I find him so sexy is that he's got this great acerbic wit that I enjoy in folks. He is eatin', smokin', drinkin' and smart-assin' his way around the world what more do you want in a man.

Curtis Stone, okay let's just say it, he is effing hot and when he did the show 'Take Home Chef' it should have 'Take Home and Keep Chef'. He is so cute, sexy, can cook, and he's Australian. Good lord I think I've caught the vapors.

Jamie Oliver who appears on The Cooking Channel and has the nicest set of lips I've ever seen on a man besides my own sweetie's. Those things look kissable, he is really about cooking from the heart and using the freshest ingredients to make tasty dishes. Wonder how original he is everywhere else, hmmm.

Chuck Hughes who is on 'Chuck's Day Off' on the Cooking Channel. Oh whee, he's so adorable with that gap between his teeth. I just love his bravado in the kitchen, he handles that food a little rough and it's kind of sexy. He also has all these great tats and I love a bad boy that cooks, yes please.

This is Eric Ripert, French chef extraordinaire and just all around cool, hot Frenchman. He is gorgeous, I am a big fan of the silver hair and those beautiful light blue eyes. The man has a voice that could melt butter and clothing I assume. For the longest I didn't know his name, I just knew his looks were mesmerizing. You have to give it to him and probably your panties too.

Masaharu Morimoto, was once Iron Chef Morimoto and just all around hot Japanese guy. I am a fan of the original 'Iron Chef' although they no longer make shows, it was wonderful show and all the voice overs sounded like they came from 'Speed Racer' but Morimoto is a hot commodity, as well as a hot chef. Love the glasses.

Gentlemen, make it hot.


  1. I think your missing Rocco Dispirito who reportedly dated Tracey Edmonds (you know, Babyface's ex?). Here is a link to his photo with Tracey.

    He is smoking HOT!!!

  2. You know I forgot about Rocco, I haven't seen him or heard about him in awhile. He is a hottie. This list is a tad incomplete because really there are some hot chefs out there, I could probably go on forever LOL.

  3. I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth. I love these guys. If you're ever in NYC, drop me a line...we'll head over to Morimoto's for dinner.


  4. You think Tracy, I do enjoy your taste in hot men. Maybe we're just sisters in lusting LOL.

    And you ain't said nothing but a word about NYC. I'm headed out there this summer with my best friend for my bachelorette party and shopping extravaganza. I'll let you know when we're on our way.