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Monday, February 28, 2011

You Better Be Suspicious

I am innately suspicious of everyone. I used to think that something was wrong with that but as I've gotten older I've found that being suspect of people can serve me in good ways. As I've said previously I've been a sucker before and one of the ways I avoid suckerdom nowadays is to stay suspect. You can't really believe everything people say to you and can't believe a lot of what they do especially when you first meet people. I don't mind people being suspect of me when I meet them because I'm damn sure suspect of them. When I met Matt I really did like him but I'm sorry I didn't trust him any further than I could throw him and from what you've probably seen of that boy in pictures, he's a big one. I encourage people to make me prove myself to them, I'm not giving out trust like lollipops, trust is too important to be attached to every random person that comes into my realm for a moment.

I am not recommending that you go full paranoid, that's just crazy. There are enough paranoid people in the world and on the internet to fill a ward at the asylum. But staying suspect and not giving away your trust easily can serve you in the long run and you all know I'm all about self-interest. The reason I say people have to prove themselves to me is not because I think I'm so special that I'm testing people and making them jump through hoops of fire to be my friend. Personally, as suspect as I am of people I would recommend people be that suspect of me. Unless you know me in an intimate way, you really and truly don't know me. I love writing on my blog and I hope someone finds it useful but I've got to earn your trust. Which means I have to be consistent and trustworthy. You know when it comes to earning my trust and getting out of the suspect arena with me, it takes time. I've given my trust to people too soon and when I did I usually regretted that decision. People have to be consistent with what they do, say what you mean and mean what you say, it's simple. I am a very loyal friend when you get me as a friend, a fierce defender and encourager. So I expect the same from people but believe me, once you screw me we're done you'll never get another chance to do that again.

You know I love meeting people on the internet but really at worse the people I meet on the internet are strangers, at best they are acquaintances. I don't give my complete trust to anyone I know just from an internet acquaintance. I have no idea if that person has my best interest at heart, I'm also not so desperate for friends just anyone applying will do. Those are two things I think people do way too much, give away their trust and friendship to unworthy people who haven't proven themselves. When I was suffering from panic anxiety, where were these folks? When I was going through my divorce, where were these folks? When I was feeling doubts about being able to finish my MBA and need encouragement to carry on, where were these folks? Yes that's right, no where to be found. In the real parts of my life where I need support, love, and encouragement acquaintances won't do, I need someone who has proven to be a real friend. I would suggest the same to anyone who is chatting on blogs or boards to other folks. I can't really know the real essence of people from a few posts. No one gets the know the real me unless you meet me and spend time with me. It's not a bad thing, it's just the truth. You have to protect yourself because there are people out there who use people's desperation for friends and approval as a way to control a person or use a person. God gives us instincts for a reason. All the animals have instincts, why? Because that's the way they know how to protect themselves, how to self-preserve. If you're instinct is telling you something is suspect about someone don't just brush it off, it's trying to protect you. And every time I've followed my instincts I've been so thankful I did because no harm, hurt or danger ever came to me in those situations. So don't discount your suspicions, they may serve your best interest.


  1. I call it "paying attention." People must always not only be cognizant of their surroundings, but also about the company that they keep. It's too much going in the world.

  2. I'm always surprised how many grown people, don't pay attention when it comes to giving out trust and friendship in life and especially on the internet.