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Sunday, February 20, 2011

We're Everywhere!! Our Feature on Just Like Me Couples

I love the blog site Just Like Me Couples, it's simple and plain and she just puts up photos of IR couples featuring black women and non-black men. Some are famous and some like me and Matt are not. But I will say it again, I'm always thrilled to see a black female and non-black male 'real' couple. I'd like the notion that black woman and non-black men don't have wonderful, happy relationships to go away and never come back. So today she featured Matt and myself, I'm thrilled about it. Now, as you know a few weeks ago we were on Racy JC's blog and our love story was featured, so I'm thrilled with this also. It's just a blurb but I want black women to know and understand that they can seek love wherever they want to find it. It's not bound by anything but themselves. I also want to encourage any black female and non-black male couples out there to get in touch with PurpleNepenthe and tell her your story. She's respectful and keeps a good hold on the couple's anonymity and she's all about positivity, which I love.


  1. Ah look at that!

    My favorite American couple! You guys are taking over the web ;)

    Heh, maybe I'll send one picture in as well from our SA trip next month. If I can convince hubby lol. Gonna have hubby dress up as a Zulu warrior lol.

  2. Well you know, Nkosazana I am dying to see a pic of you and your hubby. I want to see it, I know you guys are a beautiful couple so I wanna see. So if you're real nice to him maybe he'll let you do it LOL. Tell him there's some nosy black women in America that want to see. LOL.

  3. Thanks for posting about my Blog :o) Sorry I'm so late in acknowledging your shout out.

  4. That is okay, you have a fantastic blog and I'm glad to get the word out about it.

  5. I have never seen a website "Just Like Me" before... inspiring. I knew there were more black women/non-black men couples, but you seldom see it in California. Maybe I'll put me and my baby's picture up ;)