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Friday, February 4, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Adam Rodriguez

You wanna know when I got this jones for Adam Rodriguez really, this jones didn't happen simply when I first saw him. I'd seen him in a few things, a couple of movies and on CSI: Miami but I just never took the time to look at him closely. To really think, good god that man is just smokin'. Yea, I hate to say it, I just never really noticed him. It wasn't until I saw this video that I noticed and came to the correct conclusion that Adam Rodriguez was muy caliente and I had been blind, so blind.

After this video I couldn't get enough of looking at this handsome, beautiful man. I started watching CSI: Miami regularly and I don't even like that show just to catch a glimpse. I then sat and watched Tyler Perry's 'I Can Do Bad All By Myself' which was a over-dramatic schlock fest but that didn't matter, Adam was in it and I heard he and Taraji P. Henson were dating I was gone over the moon. Yea, that's right you get extra points from me when you date a black woman, sure do. I'm not taking that back. He seems to really like black women and they definitely seem to like him, but why not. I have a special place in my heart for Hispanic men, I lived in San Antonio for two years while in college. It was just nice because they were so cute, such gentlemen and they knew how to dance, not just dance with you but partner dance. There probably a handful of black and white men that can do in the U.S. but Hispanic man can lead you on a dance floor and spin you all around and make you feel sexy and graceful even if you got two left feet. So yes he's on my special man list. I also found this video of a photo shoot between him and Janet Jackson (she requested him, that's how fine he is), after watching it I had to take a cold shower, the smoldering looks. I love it.

I don't really know that much about him besides he's just super fine and has a beautiful masculine face but he really seems like a sweet guy with a good spirit. And look at that smile, oh Adam. I say let's just admire his hotness and his love for the sistahs, yes I can definitely appreciate that. And he's got good fashion sense too.


  1. Good god, yes he is, yes he is. Please forgive me Adam for being so blind LOL.

  2. Man is sexy... star. Hes the main reason i started to watch CSI. and ofcourse Horatio catchy phrases lol