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Monday, February 28, 2011

Update: What Chilli Wants-The Finale, Whaaa?

Okay, all I can say about last night's finale of What Chilli Wants on VH1 is what the hell? I'm pissed I get no answers, just more questions. Those questions I'm not getting any answers to this day or looks like in the days to come. This is evil and cruel, one of the things most people want to know after the show goes off is what happened to the couple? What's going on with Chilli and Lasse? Are they still dating? Getting ready to get married? Having a baby? Has she/he moved on to another love? What the hell is happening? My thirst for personal information about random stars must be quenched. I'm just surprised that on his Twitter account and Facebook page Mr. Larsen is not saying anything. I know he may be under contract but dang the show is over, say something. When I say this man could be a secret agent because he's not saying a word.

The show was good, maybe they were trying to keep us intrigued by making the finale so vague. I must say I am intrigued by what happened after they were done. This show had Chilli and Lasse premiering their potential relationship at the Soul Train Awards, which I must say he didn't seem a bit intimidated in the presence of so many black folk who can get a little ridiculous when it comes to black women and white men. But I think that may be because he's not American, he's European so he doesn't come with all the baggage that some American white men can carry. Of course, they looked gorgerous together on the red carpet.

On the show she helped him pick out his outfit and that's where the fun began. Since he's a model the man has no issue stripping in the middle of a retail store and changing clothes. But then again a body that hot should not be hidden, ever. She and the sales lady, a white chick, certainly enjoyed the show. The other salesman, a black guy just mean-mugged in the background. Sorry dude, yea he out-shined you.

Now the finale show's full episode isn't up yet but hopefully it will be and you can check those abs for yourself. I must say them dancing in the middle of the waffle house was way romantic to me. Okay, I'm a romantic and I really would like to see these two together. They seem to have such great chemistry, look wonderful together and would have some darling babies. Although, the people are hanging me and other fans out to dry for the meanwhile I'm wishing Lasse and Chilli lots of love and luck. There's nothing better than new love, especially when it's with someone that looks like this. Mmmm mmmm! Yikes!!!


  1. I watched the episode and feel the same way. Is there going to be some kind of press conference or special episode for this? I feel like why build everything up if they aren't going to tell us what is happening at least right now?

    Anywho, I knew he was going to be uber cool at the Soul Train awards and I loved how all the women wanted him as well.~~

  2. lmaooooooooo@ ur commentary ..Yea they are very GORGEOUS Couple. FLOYD WHO????.lolol..They would have absolutely beautiful black , east indian,arabic(chilli)and swedish(lasse)babies. I hope it works out :)

  3. I heard that Chilli was dating some drug addict now. El something.

  4. @Nkosazana, I don't see her going to those kinds of lengths not with that impossible list she had. But I've heard all kinds of stuff about him and her, I'm prone not to believe it till I hear something from the horse's mouth.

  5. Oh and yes crush'ed I'm waiting for a press conference or something. I mean he is as silent as the grave about what is going on, on Twitter and FB and it's driving me nuts.

  6. @Nkosazana, I just saw the rumor that Chilli is dating El DeBarge and yes I'm calling shenanigans on that. With her list, he don't even come close and she was adamant she wasn't giving up that list and I don't think El could make her do it. Yea I say bs with that rumor, here is, the picture don't even look affectionate.