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Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Running from Invitations in my Nightmares

Okay, I'm about to moan about my wedding again, if you don't want to hear it just click to the next blog. Details of this wedding are chasing me in my nightmares, especially these invitations. Now I still have yet to pick out a wedding dress so it means I've done absolutely nothing and I have a wedding coming up in about eight months. I know I'm asking for trouble but my procrastinating self is pulling me under and following it gleefully. I haven't made many decisions on this wedding besides the colors and where it's taking place, I know it's sad. I hate event planning, I really do. I'm not the woman who as a little girl dreamed of her wedding, really I had books to read couldn't waste my time on that foolishness. LOL. So since I didn't spend all my time dreaming of my wedding, I have no idea what to do regarding this one. I mean I really hate event planning, so much so that I hate talking to people who are actually helping to plan the event. I just have an aversion to this, maybe it's not the event planning exactly maybe it's having to think about ideas for this event planning. And yes, I still am trying to convince Matt to hightail it down to the courthouse or Vegas and forget all the drama of having an actual ceremony. He's yet to be convinced. So I get to do the planning for this event, now it's almost time for invitations. Gee golly, they certainly are expensive but I can't all ghetto and send everyone a message via Facebook (I've heard of people actually doing that) my grandmother would spin in her grave and then raise out of it to throttle me. But really the idea of the invitation is just chasing me down in my nightmares, small squares of paper with matching envelopes snapping at menacingly demanding I pick them. Oh my goodness, somebody please do me a favor, pick a damn invitation so I can send these things out and get some sleep without paper chasing me in my nightmares. Don't worry I can change the colors to my wedding colors. I swear I'm never having a wedding again. LOL.


  1. Try to keep it simple and fun. Just stick to the colors you chose and work from there. Loved the second photo you put there. Simple, short and sweet, but with all the important details. Good luck! I hope your paper-chasing nightmares will soon be over.