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Monday, February 28, 2011

Update: What Chilli Wants-The Finale, Whaaa?

Okay, all I can say about last night's finale of What Chilli Wants on VH1 is what the hell? I'm pissed I get no answers, just more questions. Those questions I'm not getting any answers to this day or looks like in the days to come. This is evil and cruel, one of the things most people want to know after the show goes off is what happened to the couple? What's going on with Chilli and Lasse? Are they still dating? Getting ready to get married? Having a baby? Has she/he moved on to another love? What the hell is happening? My thirst for personal information about random stars must be quenched. I'm just surprised that on his Twitter account and Facebook page Mr. Larsen is not saying anything. I know he may be under contract but dang the show is over, say something. When I say this man could be a secret agent because he's not saying a word.

The show was good, maybe they were trying to keep us intrigued by making the finale so vague. I must say I am intrigued by what happened after they were done. This show had Chilli and Lasse premiering their potential relationship at the Soul Train Awards, which I must say he didn't seem a bit intimidated in the presence of so many black folk who can get a little ridiculous when it comes to black women and white men. But I think that may be because he's not American, he's European so he doesn't come with all the baggage that some American white men can carry. Of course, they looked gorgerous together on the red carpet.

On the show she helped him pick out his outfit and that's where the fun began. Since he's a model the man has no issue stripping in the middle of a retail store and changing clothes. But then again a body that hot should not be hidden, ever. She and the sales lady, a white chick, certainly enjoyed the show. The other salesman, a black guy just mean-mugged in the background. Sorry dude, yea he out-shined you.

Now the finale show's full episode isn't up yet but hopefully it will be and you can check those abs for yourself. I must say them dancing in the middle of the waffle house was way romantic to me. Okay, I'm a romantic and I really would like to see these two together. They seem to have such great chemistry, look wonderful together and would have some darling babies. Although, the people are hanging me and other fans out to dry for the meanwhile I'm wishing Lasse and Chilli lots of love and luck. There's nothing better than new love, especially when it's with someone that looks like this. Mmmm mmmm! Yikes!!!

The Oscars, the Show was Dry but the Fashion was Hot!

The whole Oscars show last night was boring as hell and dry as Gandhi's sandals. I barely paid attention to any of it. Anne Hathaway and James Franco as host was odd but even worse was that Anne was trying to host the show alone with him as a sideshow dummy and every comment on Twitter hashtag #Oscars kept saying Franco was high as a kite. I'm prone to agree. He looked totally out of it, I swear he looked like his character Saul on Pineapple Express. Although the whole show was boring and everyone who won, I kind of expected to win and I think because of the recession it was tad toned down. Personally I still think it's nice to see some pomp to take people away from their boring daily lives, it was a okay show, nothing to write home about. I've been underwhelmed with most of the awards shows this year. But I must say the fashion was fabulous. The ladies really did work it this year and I saw some beautiful gowns. I must compliment whomever was dressing Anne Hathaway, now the woman has a body made for clothing but she looked fabulous. Check out some of my favorites from the evening.

 Gwenyth Paltrow looked beautiful. I could have done without her singing though. 

 Hailee Steinfeld is so adorable, her stylist does a great job of making her look age appropriate.

 I mean what can I say the woman knows how to rock a dress. 

 Jennifer Hudson is looking fantastic in this tangerine dress. I was getting a little nervous her boob may pop out while she was presenting.

 This lavender on Mila Kunis is gorgeous. Is lavender the new color for spring? If so, I love it.

 Natalie Portman is making pregnancy look sexy and fabulous.

 This royal blue on Amy Adams is beautiful and looks stunning with her red hair.

 Helen Mirren makes mature look great, she is stunning.

Sandra Bullock looks spectacular, that red is doing no wrong on her body.

And the guys cleaned up pretty dang good too. Rawr!!!

Of course, last but not least Anne Hathaway. My mind was reeling at how gorgeous she looked all night, how all her clothing was just perfect for the tall, slender, shapely body. She did no wrong last with her wardrobe. I mean really you could cut James Franco out of these photos, he was bringing her and me down.

You Better Be Suspicious

I am innately suspicious of everyone. I used to think that something was wrong with that but as I've gotten older I've found that being suspect of people can serve me in good ways. As I've said previously I've been a sucker before and one of the ways I avoid suckerdom nowadays is to stay suspect. You can't really believe everything people say to you and can't believe a lot of what they do especially when you first meet people. I don't mind people being suspect of me when I meet them because I'm damn sure suspect of them. When I met Matt I really did like him but I'm sorry I didn't trust him any further than I could throw him and from what you've probably seen of that boy in pictures, he's a big one. I encourage people to make me prove myself to them, I'm not giving out trust like lollipops, trust is too important to be attached to every random person that comes into my realm for a moment.

I am not recommending that you go full paranoid, that's just crazy. There are enough paranoid people in the world and on the internet to fill a ward at the asylum. But staying suspect and not giving away your trust easily can serve you in the long run and you all know I'm all about self-interest. The reason I say people have to prove themselves to me is not because I think I'm so special that I'm testing people and making them jump through hoops of fire to be my friend. Personally, as suspect as I am of people I would recommend people be that suspect of me. Unless you know me in an intimate way, you really and truly don't know me. I love writing on my blog and I hope someone finds it useful but I've got to earn your trust. Which means I have to be consistent and trustworthy. You know when it comes to earning my trust and getting out of the suspect arena with me, it takes time. I've given my trust to people too soon and when I did I usually regretted that decision. People have to be consistent with what they do, say what you mean and mean what you say, it's simple. I am a very loyal friend when you get me as a friend, a fierce defender and encourager. So I expect the same from people but believe me, once you screw me we're done you'll never get another chance to do that again.

You know I love meeting people on the internet but really at worse the people I meet on the internet are strangers, at best they are acquaintances. I don't give my complete trust to anyone I know just from an internet acquaintance. I have no idea if that person has my best interest at heart, I'm also not so desperate for friends just anyone applying will do. Those are two things I think people do way too much, give away their trust and friendship to unworthy people who haven't proven themselves. When I was suffering from panic anxiety, where were these folks? When I was going through my divorce, where were these folks? When I was feeling doubts about being able to finish my MBA and need encouragement to carry on, where were these folks? Yes that's right, no where to be found. In the real parts of my life where I need support, love, and encouragement acquaintances won't do, I need someone who has proven to be a real friend. I would suggest the same to anyone who is chatting on blogs or boards to other folks. I can't really know the real essence of people from a few posts. No one gets the know the real me unless you meet me and spend time with me. It's not a bad thing, it's just the truth. You have to protect yourself because there are people out there who use people's desperation for friends and approval as a way to control a person or use a person. God gives us instincts for a reason. All the animals have instincts, why? Because that's the way they know how to protect themselves, how to self-preserve. If you're instinct is telling you something is suspect about someone don't just brush it off, it's trying to protect you. And every time I've followed my instincts I've been so thankful I did because no harm, hurt or danger ever came to me in those situations. So don't discount your suspicions, they may serve your best interest.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Jason Statham

I love action movies and action movie stars but I also love people that are funny. So I love Jason Statham. The first and best movie I ever saw Jason in was 'Snatch', rent it immediately and he didn't play anything near what he plays in his movies currently. He was just incredibly funny and cute, I loved it. Also Brad Pitt's body in that movie made his body in Fight Club look like a fat plumber, LOL. But back to Jason, once I discovered him in Snatch, I went on to watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which he was also funny in and I've been watching everything he has done since. I watch his movie because he's in the movie there is nothing not to like about Jason. I watch because the man is hot even with that receding hairline, he's smoking with those classic tough guy looks. He has such a nice smile but don't you just melt when he mean-mugs? An English ex-con man and model becomes a world famous action star, you couldn't write a better story than that. And I just cannot wait to see what he takes his shirt off in next. Ladies, enjoy this hot import to the U.S. and yes I do love English rough gentlemen.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks Diabetes, You Make Life an Adventure

I have type 1 diabetes, have had for almost 32 years now. Yeah me! It's sort of weird because most chronic diseases you just die from but diabetes is different, you get to linger for a long amount of time. It usually gets progressively worse but if you take care of yourself, it only gets progressively worse less quickly. After having diabetes this long, I'd like to tell people a couple of things.

  • No, you do not get diabetes from eating sugar at least not type 1.
  • No, I don't care that your dad/mom/cousin/Uncle Bosephus has diabetes and you think you know all about it. Unless you actually have it or are an endocrinologist, you know nothing. Now, shut it!
  • Yes, taking shots hurt why the hell wouldn't it.
  • Although I don't look sick (i.e. cancer patient) I am sick and this is a chronic disease which does reek havoc on my immune system.
  • Yes, I can actually eat some sugar I just have to adjust my insulin dosage. No regular soda though.
  • Please stop telling  me that some plants from the rain forest are going to cure me, when you say those things I think you're crazy and I'm probably right.
  • No, I'm not taking your blood sugar because it looks like fun. Say that to my fingertips which haven't had feeling in them since the summer of '82.

Now that my rant is over, I do want to say. I hold dear to my diabetes, to me it's part of who I am. When I think of who I am diabetic is always on the top five, we're inseparable. Isn't that sweet? I am very overprotective of my disease and I really don't like people telling me what I should or should not do with it. When I need that advice, I'll ask my doctor not random people. Sometimes it really sucks to be diabetic, to have to pull out the injection pen at the dinner table. To be at jobs where people are all skeeved about me injecting myself and I have to take my injection in the bathroom so they aren't bothered (that happened to me once). To lose jobs because no one can understand why I'm sicker than most people or have to go the doctor so much. To have to explain to potential dates (at least when I was dating) yea I have diabetes and watch me stick a needle in myself. To have to explain to my potential husband, that one day I may not be able to take care of myself and he'll have to help me or do it. I'm always impressed that he's okay with that. To try to explain what happens when I can't remember my name or start talking funny, that I'm having a hypoglycemic reaction and I need sugar and fast because you know at that moment I can't think straight. To explain when I'm hyperglycemic, that the mood swing is actually due to high blood sugar and my hormones being wacky. To go the eye doctor every year and be glad I don't have to glaucoma at 38 years old.

This year's eye exam was great though. I don't need bifocals like I thought and my eyes are actually better than they were, that's pretty amazing for a diabetic. But who knows when that will change.

There are those rare moments that having diabetes is a godsend. When I do go off, I can always blame it on high blood sugar. When I get sick, I get to eat all the popsicles, jell-o and drink all the cans of soda I can handle. When I was in elementary school and I could eat snacks in class and other kids couldn't, they were so jealous of my chronic disease. To get all this wonderful sympathy from my mama because her baby was sick. I got a lot of cool gifts when I was in the hospital at 7 years old. To always have an excuse on sick days and always get unemployment benefits because it's actually not a detriment in Washington to have a sick employee and no one wants me to sue them because they fired me due to having a chronic disease. Yea, sometimes it's a boon.

But really I wouldn't wish diabetes on my worse enemy. Well, maybe just one of them. But I always feel blessed that I've had this so long and I'm still in fairly good health. Yes, as times passes I won't always be this fit but I think if I keep going this way, doing what my doc says, trying to take care of myself I'll live long and it   will be a good life. As my friend always says, 'you know you should be careful. You know you're diabetical.' LOL. She's hilarious.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Star's Favorite...Television-MST3K

Okay, I'm telling you something about me you probably already know from reading my blog, I love to laugh. And I don't mean the little polite hehehe, I mean the gut busting, gonna pee on yourself, side hurting, and soda spurtin' out of your nose laugh. I have a wonderful sense of humor something I didn't discover about myself till I was a bit older. I also love dry wit and good sarcasm. Personally, I'm a sarcastic ass which many people don't get or don't like and I understand that. Sarcasm done wrongly can just sound mean but really it's supposed to make you laugh, now if you lack a sense of humor there's not much I can do for you. One of my favorite television shows is Mystery Science Theater 3000, it no longer comes on television but you can see it forever by watching it or renting the DVDs from Netflix or Hulu. Really that's what I've been doing the last week in my spare moments at home, watching MST3K and laughing my head off.

The show revolves around a group of folks stuck out in space on the Satellite of Love and an evil nemesis (Dr. Forester or Pearl) on Earth that has sent them there. While there, they are forced to watch terrible movies and be monitored by the evil Dr. Forester or Pearl. The hosts changed over the years, this show was on for over a decade, but the laughs are still there. The original host was Joel Hodgson know on the show as Joel Robinson and then Mike Nelson took over. Now to tell the truth, I don't have a favorite here, Joel and Mike are really funny in their own right and each show they hosted I found hilarious. But even more hilarious are the puppets on the show, Joel and Mike had two puppets they sat in the 'theater' with to watch these God-awful movies. One is Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, a candy machine. There is also Gyspy a big purple headed puppet with long black tubing and Cambot, their camera. In between segments they come out of the theater to tell jokes and do funny skits based on whatever madness that was in that movie. You have to watch it to actually get the gist of it. The movies they skewered every week were just atrociously bad so having three people sit there and make quips, sarcastic remarks, and flat out fun of a piece of a cinematic crap is just great. The show began in 1989 and ended it's run in about early 2000s. The whole set looked like it cost about a hundred dollars but you didn't watch to see the set, you watched to see the movie they would roast every week and laugh to your heart's desire. If you ever get the opportunity to rent it and watch it, please do you will not be disappointed. Especially if you enjoy this sort of humor, like I do.

Here's a list of my favorites:
  • MST3K: Manos-The Hands of Fate
  • MST3K: Bogey Creek II, this is particularly hilarious
  • MST3K: Teenagers from Space
  • MST3K: Hercules Unchained
  • MST3K: Hercules and the Moon Men
  • MST3K: Eegah!
  • MST3K: The Brain that Wouldn't Die
Here are some clips, be careful if you're drinking anything it may shoot out of your nose at the belly laughs.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We're Everywhere!! Our Feature on Just Like Me Couples

I love the blog site Just Like Me Couples, it's simple and plain and she just puts up photos of IR couples featuring black women and non-black men. Some are famous and some like me and Matt are not. But I will say it again, I'm always thrilled to see a black female and non-black male 'real' couple. I'd like the notion that black woman and non-black men don't have wonderful, happy relationships to go away and never come back. So today she featured Matt and myself, I'm thrilled about it. Now, as you know a few weeks ago we were on Racy JC's blog and our love story was featured, so I'm thrilled with this also. It's just a blurb but I want black women to know and understand that they can seek love wherever they want to find it. It's not bound by anything but themselves. I also want to encourage any black female and non-black male couples out there to get in touch with PurpleNepenthe and tell her your story. She's respectful and keeps a good hold on the couple's anonymity and she's all about positivity, which I love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Men Who Cook!

I love a man that knows how to cook, he doesn't have to cook all the time but I find it extremely sexy when a man is in kitchen doing his man thing with those pots and pans. Men cook differently from women and I find it so seductive. So when it comes to male chefs I do have my favorites. Now, I see men cook on a couple of different channels TLC, The Cooking Channel, Travel Channel and Food Network. And I so enjoy watching a hot man who's cooking and in more ways than just one. So enjoy this week's hot men who cook, they'll make you hunger for more than just food.

What can I say I love Tyler Florence, he cooks and looks like he enjoys eating what he cooks. He is the all-American boy with a spatula in his hand.

From the all-American boy to the all-American wise ass, Anthony Bourdain, who can cook like no other, it's like watching Picasso cook when I see him in the kitchen on No Reservations. The reason I find him so sexy is that he's got this great acerbic wit that I enjoy in folks. He is eatin', smokin', drinkin' and smart-assin' his way around the world what more do you want in a man.

Curtis Stone, okay let's just say it, he is effing hot and when he did the show 'Take Home Chef' it should have 'Take Home and Keep Chef'. He is so cute, sexy, can cook, and he's Australian. Good lord I think I've caught the vapors.

Jamie Oliver who appears on The Cooking Channel and has the nicest set of lips I've ever seen on a man besides my own sweetie's. Those things look kissable, he is really about cooking from the heart and using the freshest ingredients to make tasty dishes. Wonder how original he is everywhere else, hmmm.

Chuck Hughes who is on 'Chuck's Day Off' on the Cooking Channel. Oh whee, he's so adorable with that gap between his teeth. I just love his bravado in the kitchen, he handles that food a little rough and it's kind of sexy. He also has all these great tats and I love a bad boy that cooks, yes please.

This is Eric Ripert, French chef extraordinaire and just all around cool, hot Frenchman. He is gorgeous, I am a big fan of the silver hair and those beautiful light blue eyes. The man has a voice that could melt butter and clothing I assume. For the longest I didn't know his name, I just knew his looks were mesmerizing. You have to give it to him and probably your panties too.

Masaharu Morimoto, was once Iron Chef Morimoto and just all around hot Japanese guy. I am a fan of the original 'Iron Chef' although they no longer make shows, it was wonderful show and all the voice overs sounded like they came from 'Speed Racer' but Morimoto is a hot commodity, as well as a hot chef. Love the glasses.

Gentlemen, make it hot.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes...You're a Sucker

I know it hurts to hear, it hurts me to say it. Listen, I've been to Suckersville more times than I would ever want to admit. Sometimes people just sent me there without my knowledge and sometimes I just gladly hopped the train for the ride. When I got there, I sometimes enjoyed it for the time I was there but the end of the trip always sucked and sometimes when I showed up I just started to cry because I thought 'damn, here again'. Yes, most of us as people have been suckers, men and women, black and white it don't discriminate. Really I've been enough to have postcards and a t-shirt.

I don't like to admit to being a sucker, it's embarassing, it hurts, and you feel like a fool cause really were a fool. You sometimes think, how did I let this happen? But really no one is immune and usually when we do the 'why me' thing I think, why not you? What's so special that you get spared, it's a part of life. I want to let people know it's okay, the thing that is not okay about it is if you don't learn anything from your sucker experience. Not learning from the sucker experience, only dooms you to be a sucker again. Not acknowledging your part in playing the sucker, will guarantee that another trip to Suckersville is in your future.

Lots of different folks can enable you to be sent on a trip to Suckersville, your family, your kids, strangers, your boss and co-workers, but usually we visit the most when we're in a relationship. There can sometimes be something about being in love or thinking you're in love that makes suckerdom so appealing. There's a song called 'Everybody Plays the Fool' I forget who it's by but it's apropos for this post. Because yes, we've all played the fool. Some of us are still playing the fool. I know we don't want to always admit it but I like passing on a little wisdom to help those that have been to Suckersville or are on their way figure out how to learn from the process so you don't have to continuously repeat it. I'm not beyond saying I been a sucker, it's okay I'm a sucker no more but yea I was there with ya! I don't think that being a sucker has anything to do with how old you are. I know women who are in their 20s that may have a had a sucker experience and learned from it so they don't repeat the sucker behavior. I also know women in their 50s that at every turn they are being suckered and don't realize it. It has nothing to do with age, it has to do with wisdom and that can come at any age.

Am I trying to explain to you how avoid being a sucker? No. There really is no way to avoid it, sometimes we make bad choices but the point is if you make better choices things can change. You know you can actually be different, have a different life, make different choices, it's up to you. I know sometimes people think, well this it, things won't ever be different but that's defeatist and untrue. I'm proof that things can be different, that if we think critically about the choices we make and how we have a stake in those choices we avoid traveling the long, winding and harrowing road to Suckersville. I am not without fault when my sucker experience happened, I made the choice to endure whatever it was I endured in that relationship. I made the choice not to require more of that man. I made the choice to think that the little I got was what I deserved. I made the choice to put with ridiculous shit, I did. When I decided that I didn't like visiting Suckersville, it stinks, the weather sucks, it's not fun. I put the responsibility on me to make better choices. I figured if I learned from my previous mistake, I wouldn't make that mistake again and I could avoid the sucker experience. Novel idea, huh? And lo and behold it worked, but it meant I had to analyze what I had been doing wrong, not what someone else had been doing wrong. Because really, I was the factor that wasn't changing, the guy changed he had different face, name and everything but at his essence he was the same dude that could not wait to put my dumb ass on a train bound for Suckersville.

Now, what I'm saying is don't get down on yourself, nothing is wrong with you, you just haven't honed your choice making skills that's all. If I didn't want to re-visit Suckersville I had to make sure I wasn't picking up folks along the way that were hitching rides there. We all know when we're being okey-doked. When I was okey-doked by my ex, I would make elaborate excuses up for his bad behavior. You should never have to make up excuses for your partner's bad behavior and they should never require you to. I knew things were wrong with him and by the end I knew something was seriously wrong with me. So when it came time to think about picking someone again, I got smart, I got a strategy and I went to work on it. I had requirements for the guy, yea dude you can't ride with me without money for gas. Yea, we have to be going to Productive-town, if you're going anywhere else or if I even get a whiff that he was going anywhere else he got kicked out the car. Don't waste your precious time on folks who don't know where they are going and most definitely know where you're going. You knowing your destination is key to you not being a sucker, it means you have standards, requirements, that have to, not need to, but have to be done to get the place where you want to be. Get your car in working order, make sure your luggage is packed correctly, no trash bags, get your tires on straight and go for it. Life is an adventure but it's one you can learn and grow from, sometimes it's uncomfortable and challenging but you don't have to throw in the towel. If you want to have a different life, you have to make different choices.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm a City Gal

Every week religiously I watch Selling New York on HGTV, as I've said before I love the channel I can spend whole Saturdays watching design and home shows. I love Selling New York, not that I'm a New Yorker or even want to be a New Yorker I just love all the plush homes they show on it. I love that they celebrate that city, but even more they celebrate the concept of the city. I'm a city gal at heart, I really am. I love the city, I live 20 blocks away from downtown Seattle and I love my neighborhood. Yes, there is a premium on space and the rent is higher and there's not a lot of parking but I love living near the city. Nothing against people who live in suburbs but there is just something about them I find empty, heartless and cold. People there are to themselves, they are private and exclusionary in suburbs and they all kind of look alike. Neighborhoods built around a shopping outlet, where's the heart in that? The city to me is where it's at, Seattle is a vibrant town with great city neighborhoods and a dynamic hub in downtown. My best friend lives downtown in a apartment the size of a Kimora Lee Simmons' closet but she loves being able to walk out her door and get anywhere via her feet. I lived downtown many years ago and I found everything about it to my liking. I like the diversity of cities, it's diverse in every way, the people, the food, the shopping, and the entertainment just gives you a bit of everything. There are parks all around Seattle, I have at least six parks within walking distance of my apartment. One is right across the street and yes the city can be a bit more dangerous. But no more dangerous than the suburban neighbor who's killed his wife and family and cut them up and all the shock of neighbors saying on the news 'but they were such a quiet, nice family', there was a reason they were quiet. In the city, you can't stay too unseen, most of the folks in my neighborhood I know their business especially if the cops show up. I have to say, I find that soothing at least I know who to look out for.

As a child I always lived pretty close to the city and my mother always let us know it was there for us, she introduced us to it as children so I was always a proud city-dweller when I lived in Houston. Now when I go back everyone lives in suburbs so far away, it takes 3 hours in traffic to get to them to enjoy that expensive home. I like that I'm pretty much 20 minutes from anywhere that matters. I always worked downtown as a paralegal and it was nice to be home by 5:30 pm so I could actually enjoy my home and my family. Matt always lived in the suburbs and I think has some desire to move back, I don't share that desire but right now we enjoy living in the city. I foresee a loud discussion going on regarding moving to some suburb with no spirit or vitality. I love that I can make it to the Cinerama movie theater downtown this week to meet my friend so we can see 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' then have lunch, hit a great bar on Capitol Hill, go the art museum without it being an all day adventure, catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island and be back home in time to see Star Trek at 8:00 pm on BBC America. I love the city and city dwellers have something to be proud of, you are the innovators, you create progress, and you celebrate diversity so hold your head up high city folk, it's the other people that may be making life harder for you. There's a wonderful book out about that celebrates the city and the folks who call it home it's Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier by Edward Glaeser. I'm looking to buy it soon, he was interviewed on 'The Daily Show with John Stewart' last night and he made me dang proud to be a city gal and if you love the city and live in it, you'll be proud too. Cities are also absolutely gorgeous, check out that photo of Seattle at night, no podunk suburb or town can claim that view. All hail, the city folk.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammys, Ummm Meh.

Last night I remembered about half way through the Grammys that it was actually on television. That shows you how much I pay attention to award shows but we were watching Star Wars and since both I and Matt have seen it about a million times I thought I'd watch the Grammys. I wasn't really sure who had been nominated this year for some reason, I guess because my life is actually full of living I just kind of overlooked what the music tastes have been over this last year. I still just listen to exactly what I want to whether it's new music or not, one of the best things about having a iPhone. I don't have to subject myself to crap radio.

So we caught the program midway just when Justin Beiber and Usher came onstage, really I could have missed that performance and my life have been okay. But I watched it, I must say Usher is no fool this kid has the girls swooning and moms and dads parting with their dollars to go watch that cornball movie of his, fool and his money. I also watched Esperanza Spalding, who no one had ever heard of previous to these Grammys awards walk away with the New Artist Grammy. The Beiber fever fans went crazy, I didn't know 12 year old girls knew language like that but anyway I was proud actual musical talent by an actual musician won out. I must say that's one thing I enjoy about the Grammys, they celebrate music not just popularity. It was an interesting show, Cee Lo channeled the 70s Elton John and probably got about as high as he did to have worn that outfit and sang 'F--- You' with Gwenyth Paltrow and jammed with some muppets. Yea maybe I was high too at the time, because I thought my eyes were seeing a mirage. Look at this.

All I can say is this a trip man. I also watched a sappy performance by Katy Perry with pictures of her wedding on a screen in the background, really I'm sure no one wanted to see that maybe she was mad because no tabloid wanted to pay her for the pictures. I also discovered a great new band called Mumford & Sons and good lord them boys was killing that banjo playing. So I'm all out now looking for their music. Thank you Grammys every once and awhile you give me faith that musical talent actually exist minus auto-tune. I watched Rihanna and Enimen do a song I don't like. I watched Rihanna and Drake do a song I don't like and both are still stuck in my head. Damn you, RiRi. I'd also like to just say for the record I'm so over RiRi and Lady Gaga, ladies give me break. Lady Gaga I know is trying to be the poor man's Madonna but even Madge knew to go away for a minute and then come back as a re-invention of herself. Please ladies I suggest you take a page from her book. I'm glad I didn't miss the 'In Memoriam' I always like to see who's passed over the last year, I know it sounds a little demented but really sometimes I'm surprised by who has gone on to glory in the music and movie industry. This year I wasn't shocked by it but I was offended that they included a publicist on the list. When did people who have no musical talent or even talent in helping to create the musical arts get a place in the memorial. When did it become okay to include someone whose job it is to keep you off the front page of The Enquirer when you're found in a hotel with three tranny hookers and a crack rock the size of a bowling ball. I was not digging on that. I was astounded and offended by Nicki Minaj's outfit, that was wrong on so many levels. Really she's just doing that to eff with people and it's not funny. I watched Lady Antebellum walk away with a host of awards in the country and pop categories. Now I must admit, I love country music I'm from Texas and no matter what anyone says we all love country even though some of us may do it in secret. I almost had an epileptic seizure watching Arcade Fire, I know some folks are so glad that early 90s alt rock has made a comeback even it sucks big time. I also watched Mick Jagger prance around on stage and look like a Rango on crack but I could still get down with Jagger. Also Barbara Streisand graced us all with her presence, singing who knows a Streisand song I'm not a huge fan so they all kind of sound the same to me.

So here's to the Grammys, I must say it don't change much from year to year.

Just because it's Givenchy don't make it right.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Attempt at Smoky Eye and A V-Day Gift

Yesterday, Matt and I decided to do all the Valentine's Day stuff. We both have to work on Tuesday and I never like celebrating any holiday on a weekday but Christmas and Thanksgiving, at least during those you get the next day off. Valentine's on a weekday isn't romantic, it's rushed. So we wisely picked Saturday to let ourselves celebrate a day for lovers. If the idea of people celebrating their love makes you sad or jealous you should discontinue reading this post because I'm about to lay it on thick.

Now when special occasions arrive, I really do like to do it up right. I like to look great, smell great, do the hair fabulous, and have the nice dinner. The next time I do all this will be my birthday, actually our birthdays. Matt and I have birthdays, one day the other, mine is the 29th of April, his the 30th so this year we've decided to celebrate both our birthdays on his birthday, he got the lucky draw this year so his on a Saturday. So that will be my next time doing myself up big time because last night is not typical with me. I rarely if ever wear makeup, the most I do is maybe liner, mascara, and some lip gloss. It's not that I don't like makeup I do, I'm just not the girl who had any kind of artful ability to applying makeup. It's not like my mom didn't wear makeup when I was a child, she did and always looked so beautiful. Her only makeup advice to me was never wear red lipstick, I still stick to that one, thanks Mom. So I discovered not too long ago via Socialite Dreams website, which is a wonderful site for black women who want great tips on beauty and style that I could find online tutorials on makeup. What? Where have I been? Online tutorials on making myself up, I was excited. Because I needed help, I wanted to attempt something with my makeup I'd never done before, the infamous smoky eye. Now, I'm sure you've seen the smoky eye makeup on countless starlets and may have wondered how they got that beautiful sexy look. Well, I certainly have and I wanted to imitate it, so my Valentine's Day night out was the chance to do that. I found a tutorial at youtube about how to apply the smoky eye look, with a young woman she's got a great accent, watch it just for fun you'll love that accent. She did a good job at the tutorial although she seems to have lost her makeup brushes as she did the tutorial LOL. That's another thing I need, new makeup brushes, the ones she's using you need to use, makes things so much easier. I was also kind of pissed last night to find that I'd lost a very expensive MAC eyeliner brush; I'm planning on tearing up my bedroom tomorrow to find it. I'm sorry 20 bucks for an eyeliner brush yes it's gonna be found. So I did the best I could with my rag tag brushes and this is the result.


What do you think? Do you think it's the effect I wanted? I took the photo in my bathroom and it doesn't have the best light but I need another opinion. I thought it looked okay but I think with the correct brushes and primer makeup it could be better. No problem, I'll be trying it again on my birthday so I'll show you those results, maybe do a comparison.

Along with my smoky eye, I exchanged gifts with Matt. We kept it a minimum amount, $50 for the gift but he's got a bit of a surprise coming on Monday, something he won't expect. He got me the silver bracelet in the picture below and took me to dinner at Ray's Boathouse a world-class seafood restaurant on Shilshole Bay, those Blushing Bellinis were fabulous (just a note to my friend, yea I went with the fishnets and it was hot). He also got me two small bags of Turtles candy which I adore, that was a surprise he's such a sweet and thoughtful man. I got him a nice holder to put on dashboard or the window of his car to hold his iPhone, as I've said before Matt has a bad habit of driving and multi-tasking which usually involves that dang iPhone so this way he can use the iPhone and shuffle songs and answer calls pretty much without having to use both his hands. I'll be glad when he puts it in his car, that way I don't have to worry about him killing himself going back and forth to work. I love my bracelet, it isn't the charm bracelet but they cost way more than $50, so maybe I'll save that for my birthday gift request. Yes I request gifts, it's not romantic but I get what I want check out Letting Go of Crap-The Gift Edition to know why this is sound advice. I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day if you did it yesterday or will have a nice Valentine's Day if you do it tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Was Hot!-Cary Grant

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm turning back the clock on my regular post Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot and going into the way back machine to honor classic hotness. Yes, this post is all about Cary Grant. What can I say, I love Cary Grant if I could make my dream man from scratch he'd be the blueprint. Yes, I know he's dead but then again in so many ways is manliness in this country. This man was suave, debonair, sophisticated, elegant, worldly, witty, wry and humorous. They don't make them like that in Hollywood anymore, these men don't have like Cary Grant did and I don't think they'll ever get back that kind of mojo in today's leading man. A man that made women swoon even into his old age, he is what every man should be studying to figure out what they need to become like. He appeared in many movies over the years; four by my favorite director Alfred Hitchcock, had more than his share of beautiful leading ladies and even as an older man was cast as a romantic lead. You couldn't make Cary the father; he was just always the wise and sophisticated ladies man even in his sixties. He was born Archibald Leach, but he was meant to be Cary Grant, even he said his whole life was spent playing Cary Grant. One of the first movies I was introduced to this beautiful man in was, 'To Catch a Thief' also with another stunner as his co-star, Grace Kelly, but really there is just something so seamless about him as if the man burped and it smelled of roses. He is astounding in everything and I wish I knew more about him but what I do know is that, there will never be another. I see folks trying to bestow the moniker of a Cary Grant replacement on Hollywood's new set of leading men; I've heard talk of George Clooney. Are you kidding? George Clooney wouldn't have been fit to wash Cary Grant's underwear, give it up girly boys, you will not be replacing Mr. Grant. Not any time soon and probably not ever. Your eyes can have the pleasure of bestowing themselves on a real man, Cary Grant.