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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Love-Just Like Me Couples

I like to share a blog post for blogs I really love and want others to check out. I got mad blog love going out to blog, Just Like Me Couples. I found it while perusing random blogs. I love it, this blog is run by PurpleNepenthe and it's great. It features famous and everyday black female and non-black male couples. I like this because, yes, I like to see couples that look like Matt and myself. I don't know why, it's just very reassuring. The blog is very positive in it's message and image of bw/non-bm couples without any hoopla or controversy. It'sjust celebrating the couples love and showing couples that look like us. I am certainly praying for the day to come where we won't need these kinds of blogs (no offense PurpleNephenthe) and our love will be special because love is special and not because it involves a black woman and non-black man. Please if you are a bw/non-bm interracial couple submit your photo to her and she'll feature you on the blog, check it out for more details.

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