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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Know What Chili Wants

The second season of 'What Chili Wants' premiered last night on VH1, actually I really loved the show the first season. If you didn't watch it was about Chili from the group TLC looking for love in Atlanta using a sort of matchmaker, by the name of Tionna Smalls. Now Miss Tionna was bit over the top but she did get the job done and went out to scout out some nice, sexy guys for Chili to meet and get to know. At the end of last season Chili was left with two choices, Farmer Darren (who I personally thought she should have gone for) and Bill, now they were both sexy as all get out and surprisingly they were both white guys. I must say I enjoyed that portion of the show, it showed a black woman really exercising her options in dating which doesn't happen much when black women and love are involved. In the end she picked Bill but woe is me that relationship didn't have the sparks and fizzled. Sorry Bill, I really was pulling for ya! Now Chili and Miss Tiana (newly engaged) are back to try to find the really super-picky Chili what she wants. Well maybe someone didn't get the note, because it looks like it's already been revealed. I picked this tidbit up from another blog that I found and now love A Crush A Day it's on my favorites list, check it out. There was a photo of Chili and her date recently, so I'm about throw salt all in the show's game and if you don't want to know, too bad you shouldn't have read this post. Here he is:

Isn't he dreamy? When I saw him I audibly gasp, this man is fine and lucky bitch that she is Chili gets him to herself. Now he's going to appear on the show and I hate to tell the end before it begins but I think you'd want to know especially when it ends like this. I don't know the hunk-o-rama's name but I'm trying to find that out but he looks very protective of his lady love. They do make a very handsome couple. What I do know about him is that he has a preference for black women and looks like Chili has a preference too. LOL.

I'm going to say this and I hope it doesn't upset anyone but if it does, too damn bad. I'm always excited when I see black women exercising their options in mates, in the U.S. black women at a rate of almost 50 percent have never been married and that's a shame. I know a lot of wonderful, talented, funny, dynamic, smart and successful black women who deserve a mate. So I love to see famous black women exercising their dating options and I hope black women would do that. I'm not insisting black women date white men, but I am insisting that black women open themselves to every possibly in a mate and make sure he's a good one no matter what color he is. Now, although I think I've told what is going to happen at the end of the show, I'm still going to watch it. I want to see what happens with the dynamic between Chili and Floyd Mayweather, who in my opinion is stringing her along. I just read a wonderful article in The Economist called Isn't This Called Playing Hard to Get on how it's really intriguing with men and women when you're not sure how someone feels about you romantically, in that case you really want to know and are really attracted to that person and when you do find out how they feel, either you move into a relationship or you're not as attractive as you thought you were. I think in the case of Mr. Mayweather, she's attracted to the intrigue of not really knowing how he feels about her. I'm not a fan of game-playing but looks like he lost that game anyway, oh well.

I'll probably be writing about the show again, at some point. I hope those that watch it enjoy even though I've spoiled the ending. I also wish all the luck, love, and happiness to Chili and her man.


  1. Hello Eugenia. I am a lurker over at BB&W and was happy to see that you have your own space. I enjoy your comments over there so thought I'd stop by here. Anyway, Chilli's bf is named Lasse Larsen. He's Swedish model.

  2. Well, thanks for coming over and commenting.

    Ah that's why he's so hot, oh those Scandanavian boys. Oh la la! Thanks for information on his name. I'm checking out the link now.

  3. What is Bills last name?