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Friday, January 28, 2011

Star's Favorite...Music-Bebel Gilberto

All in OneI know you're wondering how did I become such a big fan of Bebel Gilberto really you're probably wondering who is Bebel Gilberto. Bebel Gilberto is daughter of the famous Joao Gilberto, a Brazilian singer and singer.  Bebel inherited her father's beautiful voice and style. Bebel sings pop and bossa nova, now I am a huge fan of bossa nova something about the sound makes me want to linger on a sunny beach under palm trees being swayed by the breeze and listen to clear blue water as it rolls toward me. Yes, that's some kind of imagery but if and when you hear her voice, that's the mood it will put you in. I discovered her music a few years ago while watching some random program on television and they were featuring an album with remixes of her songs the album was 'Tanto Tempo' which I immediately went out and bought along with a few of other albums and I was hooked. She has smooth, beautiful, sensual voice, maybe it's the Brazilian thing but I go all sexy romance when I hear her sing. When I hear her my hips just go on automatic sway, she has a compelling voice. She sings mostly in Portuguese but it doesn't matter, the best thing about music is even when people sing in a different language you can follow along. She also sings some songs in a combination of Portuguese and English but I really prefer her singing in Portuguese. She's a little under the radar in music and I'm not sure why, her voice is incredible but really what can you say about the current state of music except, why? LOL. Please enjoy yourself listening to Bebel she is fantastic, under the link with her name you'll find access to purchasing her music.

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