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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-HGTV Hunks

I told you guys earlier this week that I love HGTV and I do, I'm watching it right now. But one of the reasons I love the channel so much is not just the television shows on decorating, gardening and home-buying, no the real reason is there are just so many hot guys on that channel. I mean, come on, the amount of man-candy on that one channel is staggering. Yea guys you see your girl watching HGTV and you just think she's getting tips on a home-makeover but really she's drooling a bit every time Scott McGillvray flashes those pearly whites. I live in an apartment and really have no use for a carpenter and even if I did, Matt could do it, he's actually pretty handy. But if I did need a carpenter I'd be hoping one of guys from HGTV shows up. It makes no possible good sense for this much hotness to exist on a channel. Really, I get why HGTV does it, this is a channel aimed at women so you have to let us ogle a few cute guys because really I'm not planning on gutting on my house, but it sure is nice to hot guy gut someone else's.

So enjoy a little look at the hunks of HGTV.

Jamie Durie host 'The Outdoor Room' and his Australian accent is so killer.

Scott McGillvray host 'Income Property' look at that smile, he should be doing Crest ads.

Dues Xavier Scott is a carpenter on 'Designed to Sell', he's got some nice arms and a nice smile.

Carter Oosterhouse used to host 'Carter Can' and lord yes, Carter certainly can.

Chip Wade is a carpenter on 'Curb Appeal: The Block'. Look at his arms, does anyone wonder why I'm strung out over carpenters. LOL.

John Gidding is the host of 'Curb Appeal: The Block'. He is so sophisticated and used to model for romance novel covers, look at that face I can see why.

And last but certainly not least, David Bromstad who host 'Color Splash'. Yes, I know David is gay but he is so cute and sexy to me and he's my gay man crush. What can I say, I'm strange.


  1. Lawd! All that finest on HGTV!!!!
    Jamie Durie use to dance with the male revue The Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas! I'm just sorry I never got to see him in a g-string, LOL!

  2. LOL. Yea I can Jamie Durie in Thunder from Down Under, I wish I could have seen that too. O.M.G.