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Monday, January 17, 2011

Star's Favorite...Movies-The Long Kiss Goodnight

This edition of my movie favorites is highlighting one of my all-time favorite action movies, The 'Long Kiss Goodnight' starring Gena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. This is an awesome, totally underrated movie full of action and adventure from beginning to end. The movie was directed by Gena Davis’ then husband Renny Harlin, who had directed Gena in a couple of low brow action movies. This one just happened to be the best of them. Gena plays Samantha Caine/Charly Baltimore, a spy that loses her memory and regains it after, many years of living as undercover identity as Ms. Caine due to amnesia,when she gets into a serious car accident. Samuel L. Jackson plays Mitchell Hennessey her half-ass private detective, who gets sucked into this mess because of his continued work on her case but no big leads. This movie was all action from the first fight scene where Ms. Caine dukes it out with her would-be assassin to the end where she puts a good whooping on Timothy, her nemesis, played by Craig Beirko. The movie even has a stellar soundtrack that I own along with the movie. The soundtrack includes tracks by Jimmy Cliff and Patti LaBelle and the LaBelles, it’s excellent. There is nothing like a good soundtrack to add to already hot movie.

Now I really do loved action packed thrillers but this also had some really snappy dialogue. Most of which was done by Samuel L. Jackson, no one curses quite like him. I do enjoy some gratuitous violence but when it’s violence along with some snappy dialogue what can I say I’m smitten. I must warn you this not Citizen Kane, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to fun and have you on the edge of your seat till the end and this movie certainly does. I say see it as soon as you can and you’ll love it like I do. Enjoy this preview.

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