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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh the Horror of Picking a Wedding Dress!

I have a dilemma, I don't know what to do about my wedding dress. I actually picked one out, put the payment down on it and then decided I didn't want it. I've actually bought a dress and once I got it home, I didn't like it so much anymore. I'm usually not wishy-washy, well kinda sorta LOL. But really I'm not, I just do not know what to do about this. I'm a little bit all over the map with this decision.

As some of you may know and if you don't you know now, I was married previously for almost 9 years. In my first marriage we went to Vegas and got married. It was sort of quick and little bit or maybe alot of dragging people down the aisle, I learned my lesson about that *rolls eyes* but the decision was quick and putting the wedding together was quicker and the choosing of the wedding dress was lightening fast. I bought a hot pink tafetta long skirt and hot pink sweater with jeweled neck, didn't take but a minute. But marrying Matt is different, I'm so excited to be his wife and he's as excited about the wedding and marriage as I am. I really do want to do a more traditional thing with the dress, I want a white dress. OK, don't gasp, no I'm no virgin bride I know but I'd still like a white dress but I'm just not sure which one. I have a body shaped like a coke bottle and although it's sexy, it's not good for every piece of clothing and I sometimes have issues finding things that will fit right and look good. So yes it has become a bit overwhelming, really the whole wedding thing is bit overwhelming, not the idea of marriage just the whole wedding event. It sometimes makes me want to run away and get married. But I can't do that, people would fall over dead if we did that. So here are some of my choices and please comment.

I'm not trying to look like I belong on top of a cake, I'd like something unique like me. I am also not looking to have to sell an arm and a kidney to afford a dress. I'll probably never be able to wear this dress again, so I'm looking to spend about $500 and you'd be surprised all the cute dresses you find at a reasonable price.

This is the Avila Bay from Dolly Couture, I really do adore this dress. It's just my style that 50's thing going on. Also the designer Dolly Thicke is the sister in law of Robin Thicke, I don't know that just does something for me.

I also like this one by Dolly, the Manhattan.

The two gowns above are from J. Crew. I really love them both they are classy and sexy to me.

I love these two from David's Bridal, classy huh?Layered Tulle Fit and Flare. It actually transforms by removing the bottom of the dress and becomes a short cocktail dress.

I also love the Strapless Taffeta Sheath.

This wedding is in a few months and I still have not made a choice nor am I close to making one, even worse a bunch of these dresses actually look pretty good but nothing has just popped for me. I should not be this undecided about a dress, after a minute or two I'm going to throw on some jeans and keep it pushing. Oh the frustration, the frustration.


  1. Hi Eugenia - saw your blog link in a comment from BB&W. Congrats on the engagement! I can only imagine how tough it is to choose a dress with all so many choices. Hopefully, you can decide on one soon. I'm partial to the organza fit n flare gown, not only because it's pretty, but just because I'm practical and I like the 2-for-1 aspect!

  2. Hi Daphne, thanks for coming over to check out my new venture. I like the fit and flare too and I think I'll look pretty good in it. And the two for one thing is just so jiving my practical thinking LOL. I could possibly use that dress again and I'm partial to bare shoulders.