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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want to Be HGTV'd and Badly!

Yes, I love HGTV, in fact I adore HGTV. I can spend whole days just watching the shows on HGTV, that's how much of a fein I am for HGTV. If you don't know what it is (and shame on you if you don't) it's Home and Garden Televison with the big emphasis being on home. They do all kinds of home shows, decorating buying, selling, renting apartments, home improvement, and some gardening. I watch it religiously and take in all the possible advice I can on everything to do with the home. My finace has forbade me from ever saying 'pop of color' again. They give away a dream house once a year, no one ever keeps it though, property taxes too high. They go around the U.S. and the world as people buy homes on House Hunters. They give some excellent advice on how to buy a home. I love Sandra Rinamato of 'Property Virgins' she tells like it is with home-buying. They show people buying their first home and selling their home. They redecorate just about everything.

I must say there are some real hotties on HGTV and ladies if you didn't know it, your local handyman or carpenter may just may be a stud muffin. But don't get mad at me if he's just an older guy with plumber's crack LOL. But really from John Gidding to Jamie Durie (love that Australian accent) to David Bromstad (O-M-G he's hot too bad he's gay) to Scott McGillvray (he so hot it should be a crime) to Chip Wade (oh the bald head, the cute bald head). They have such hot guys on this station. I'll be doing a Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot! edition featuring them this week. But I can't leave out the ladies, yes I love their shows too Genevieve Gorder who's just a sweetheart, Candice Olsen when I win the lotto I'm hiring here to decorate my house, Kimberly Lacey who is on 'Curb Appeal: The Block' not only is just so cute I love her hair and Sabrina Soto, my Target girl. What can I say, I'm a sucker for HGTV. Now I don't own a home but I frequently use their advice to do decorating and when Matt and I buy a home, I'm bring Sandra Rinamato out to help us along the way. Yes I am a HGTV feign. And now they have a new show called HGTV'd where one of their amazing designing stars could be pulling up an 18 wheeler truck to your home to help you re-decorate. Are you joking? I'm so all over that, yes really I want to be HGTV'd like no other. I want it bad, real bad. And I'm going to make it happen. Yea the next thing you know, you'll see my cheesy grin all over HGTV and I hope they send David Bromstad.

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